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6 Great Player-Coach Ensembles that Died a Natural Death

Sad for Boston
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 24, 2013
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After days of negotiating and posturing, the Los Angeles Clippers have finally agreed in principle to a deal with the Boston Celtics for head coach Doc Rivers, officially marking the end of the legendary Boston ensemble that won the NBA championship back in '08.

The Clippers will reportedly sign Rivers to a three-year, $21 million contract, while sending a 2015 first round draft pick as compensation to the Celtics, who have agreed to release the coach from his existing three-year contract. In line with this coaching move, Los Angeles is now expected to have Chris Paul sign a five-year maximum contract.

And just in case y'all are wondering, both teams will be holding off negotiations on the Kevin Garnett-DeAndre Jordan deal for now. Also, word has it that Paul Pierce's contract will be bought out next month. Really, Danny Ainge, really?

We're feeling a tad bit sentimental here, but the business side of basketball is simply bitchin'. All we can say is it was good while it lasted. Now scroll down below to see our list of iconic player-coach ensembles that died a natural death.

Doc Rivers

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