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Draymond Green's 'Quickie' Move And 5 Other NBA Troll Moments

Remember Lebron's 'Ultimate Warrior' shirt?
by Andrei Medina | Jun 16, 2017
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It seems like Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green wasn't satisfied with just winning the championship after beating the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals this week.

During the Warriors' victory parade, Draymond wore a shirt with "Quickie" written on it. The shirt was pretty much a potshot at LeBron, referring to their swift 4-1 win over the Cavaliers.

The King, for his part, took the jab well based on his reply on social media.

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Meanwhile, here are other moments where top-notch trolling happened between players and personalities of the NBA.

1) LeBron as the Ultimate Warrior

In last year’s Game 7 win over Golden State, the Cleveland superstar added insult to injury by wearing a WWE-inspired 'Ultimate Warrior' shirt. Now we know where Draymond's 'Quickie' idea came from.

2) Michael Jordan on who's the GOAT

His Airness isn't too fond of the longstanding debate on who the greatest NBA player of all time is. According to Jordan, fans should instead be debating over which team is the greatest—obviously referring to his Chicago Bulls team.


3) Shaquille O'Neal: 'Rings, Erneh!'

You know it's going to be wild when you put together four-time champion Shaq and Charles Barkley—who is as every bit a great player as the latter without a ring to show for it—in one program. The two Hall of Famers have a pretty good relationship as commentators of Inside the NBA, but sometimes they do get into heated arguments. Watch Barkley's face as O'Neal pulls the championship card.

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4) Kobe's olives

The Black Mamba is definitely enjoying his life after retiring from the league as seen in his ESPN commercial with Jalen Rose. But one thing that hasn't changed about Kobe Bryant is his no-chill attitude. Check out how he dropped a savage joke on Jalen about his career night.

5) Dwight Howard gives Olivia Harlan the 'D'

The enigmatic big man might have shied away from the limelight but he can still deliver during and after games. He thinks his 'D' is so great that he had to tell the reporter all about it. Just ask his teammate if you didn't get the joke.


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