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Someone Pulled A Mick Pennisi At A US Pro-Am Summer League

Late reaction?
by Tanya Umali | Aug 24, 2016
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Yep, Mick Pennisi of the Phoenix Fuel Masters is still around.

He's been playing for PBA since the year 2000, has been a five-time PBA champion, two-time PBA All-Star, and a many-time member of the Philippine national basketball team

Have you forgotten him already?

Here's something memorable that could reacquaint you to the durable Fil-Australian with an array of defensive tricks. 

This video instantly went viral after the incident happened on March 21, 2012.

His act was identified as the "Greatest. Flop. Ever" and was even recognized internationally.

The Pennisi flop (or should we just start calling it as "The Mick"?) even made it to the second spot of ESPN Sports Center's Not Top 10 Plays.

We're sure you remember him now.

Apparently, Mick Pennisi isn’t the only one who can pull off such a zany stumble in the heat of the moment.


Sek “Viper” Henry was caught doing the exact same move at the Drew League championship game last Sunday, August 21. Henry is a Jamaican-American who played for Nebraska from 2006 to 2010. He's famous for his epic dunks. 

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At first, the teams led by Baron Davis (BB4L) and Nick Young (Juglife) figured into a bit of a brawl. After a bit of pushing, shoving, and cursing here and there, a player from Davis’ team decided to push Henry out of the way. It took him a few seconds to think of hitting the floor, but he eventually did.

Check it out for yourself:

In the end, Davis’ team won the match.

We’re just hoping that Sek Henry is all right post-commotion—and (self-inflicted) drama.

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