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Dugout Diaries: Getting To Know That Gentle Giant, Greg Slaughter

Greg Slaughter has a name that most wrestling stars would kill for. Is he as ferocious as his name makes him sound? Erika investigates, and profiles this year's giant PBA No.1 Draft pick
by Erika Padilla | Nov 9, 2013
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Whenever you hear this word, the first thing you'd think of is death. Merriam-Webster has always been pretty blunt about its definition:

SLAUGHTER /ˈslȯ-tər/

the act of killing; specifically: the butchering of livestock for market; killing great numbers of human beings (as in battle or a massacre)

transitive verb
to kill (animals) for food
to kill in a bloody or violent manner
to kill in large numbers
to discredit, defeat, or demolish completely

A bit too harsh, I know.

                                    We mean, will you look at this guy? Eh #MedyoBabyfaced pa yan eh!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if you take a step back if you met someone with SLAUGHTER as his last name. All the more, you will most likely make a run for it, if you see him towering over you, at seven feet. And yes, there is such a person. His name: GREGORY WILLIAM FUENTES SLAUGHTER.

His remarkable size has been, of course, his ticket to getting into the field of basketball. It also helped him make an immediate mark in every league he's been a part of.

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, this fellow, like almost all pro basketball players, has been playing since he was young. He claims though that he never has imagined that it will become his life.

In 2004, during a vacation in the Philippines, he did not expect that a coincidental basketball event will change his perspective. It was during that year that the PBA All-Star was held in Cebu, in the hometown of Greg’s mom. He was among the crowd cheering for the star players. He shared that Asi Taulava, Ali Peek, and Dondon Hontiveros were among the athletes that really stood out to him. Asi and Ali being near his size gave him a sense of comfort. Dondon, of course, was a homegrown talent, and Greg already knew about his ballin' ways.

Seeing how the people cheered for the players like they were heroes, how they were admired purely because of their skills, and how they were loved almost with obsession, Greg suddenly saw the possibilities he could have if he too can make the pro league. He saw his fate flash before his eyes.

                                 Above: the future as imagined by a young Greg Slaughter

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Photography Jerome Ascano for SPIN.PH
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