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Dugout Diaries: A Shoutout To Petron's Puso

Erika Padilla knows how to appreciate a good team. In this Governor's Cup, the definition of a good team happens to be the Petron Blaze Boosters
by Erika Padilla | Sep 21, 2013
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As an actress and courtside reporter, it is unavoidable for me not to look at basketball games in dual perspectives.

Most of the time, I watch it like any other engaged spectator driven by the excitement of the game. Of course, because this is also a job, I have to be more reserved, making sure that I don’t show any partial reaction. But secretly, I twitch my legs if a shot doesn't go in. I interlock my fingers to keep the tension in if confrontation happens. Sometimes, I subtly pound my clipboard if I feel like there should have been a call on a contact.

The bottom line: I am just like any other sports fan.

However, there've been random times when I’m in my corner and things seem to be happening in slow motion. Everything becomes so cinematic.

To cite some examples, here are a few of my fave moments:

1) A player on the free throw line before he takes the shots that could tie the game; I zoom into his face as it slowly tilts up to take the shot

2) A player shouting after making a basket; to a girl it sounds like a mighty roar

3) A pesky defender who gets called for a foul then right away raises his arms and turns to the ref, as if to say “Bakit? Anung kasalanan ko? Saan ako nagkamali?”

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4) The moment right after a team makes the winning basket; the whole coliseum dims, and the spotlight is just on the team jumping in the middle of the court.

Now that's drama. Speaking of which, if there's a PBA team that doesn't lack drama, it's the Petron Blaze Boosters. They're practically a telenovela that writes itself. 

The rollercoaster ride of emotions they've been putting us on is built on good stories and effective characters. That's why it's not surprising that they have a solid fan base (and critics) following their interesting tale, all of whom getting attached to the “cast.” their 14-17 record in previous conferences this year.

You've seen the lows (i.e. their 14-17 record the two previous conferences). But as with any teleserye, the "Petronovela" also has its highs. That high is happening right now. Behind an impressive eight-game winning streak, Petron has clinched a twice-to-beat advantage going into the PBA Governor's Cup's playoffs. They finished the elimination round with an 8-1 record. Quite a turnaround for a team many believed had the talent, but lacked the drive—and seem to always get itself in precarious situations (I'm looking at you , Balkman!)

Going along with this thought, let's now talk about this week's column: ANG APOY SA PUSO NG PETRON.

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Explosive stuff right there. The fireworks start at the next page!

NEXT: Erika awards the stars of this show!

Photos from the official PBA website and from SPIN.PH
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