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Dugout Diaries with Erika Padilla: The First Article

Gentlemen, meet your new sports columnist, Erika Padilla. Get the champagne out!
by Erika Padilla | Jul 27, 2013
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I’ve always enjoyed writing but I never thought I would now be doing it regularly.

I used to be part of the school paper when I was in elementary. I used to scramble words around to get by the essay assignments in high school and college. I tend to randomly share my two cents about certain topics I’m interested in. Never though did I think that I’ll become a writer, one who has a regular column, talking about sports on

For the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about what to say for my first entry. The time to actually do what a writer does, which is to write, had come. AND I HAD NOTHING. As soon as the deadline was assigned, I felt my mind wiping itself completely. Was the pressure getting to me?

What I did then was to remind myself that writing has always been a part of me. Witness, a list of things I have written: letters to my parents, love letters (yes, love letters, I hope we don't have any problems with that), poems, spam mails, and chain letters. Clearly, I am the right woman for the job.

“Write what you know,” I told myself. And that is why you will now be reading an article about, drumroll please, basketball!

             And not just plain basketball, I'm going with the for-national-pride-and-glory brand of basketball!

For the past months, everyone's been psyched about the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship. With the tourney commencing in a few days, I’m pretty sure most of what needs to be known about the team and the competition have already been reported.

What dawned on me is that I'm in a position to give you insights about the fine gentlemen of Gilas Pilipinas. I realized that they are going through something similar to what I'm currently experiencing: nope, not weightlifting routines and diet plans, but the thrilling realization that the Gilas team and myself are exploring a new chapter in our respective careers.

As writing has always been a part of me, basketball has been a part of these players' lives since childhood. They're passionate about it, so much so that they made it their profession. And now, they've made it to the pinnacle of their sport, selected to the national team because of the work they've put into polishing their gifts.

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