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Enes Kanter: 'When I Think About Playoffs, My Nipples Get Hard'

TMI, dude
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 27, 2018
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How the hell did we miss this gem from NBA Media Day?

While everyone was freaking out over Kawhi Leonard's uncomfortable chuckle, the rest of the NBA was trying to make a good first impression entering the 2018-19 season. Except maybe for a couple of players like Enes Kanter, who we guess didn't get the memo.

The New York Knicks center from Turkey immediately went viral after he got too "excited" (pun intended) while answering a question about the playoffs during a press conference. Kanter, the same man who trolled LeBron James and even his own Knicks fans, is known for being candid and playful when talking to the media.

Watch his now-infamous moment around the three-minute mark:

Yes, you heard right. A 26-year-old grown man just admitted, "When I think about (the) playoffs, my nipples get hard," which had the audience burst into laughter. He immediately followed his NSFW quote with a "Sorry," but to no avail. That naughty statement alone cemented Kanter's place in Knicks history.

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News outlets were quick to pick up the sound bite and had all sorts of reactions via memes.

You're too honest, man

Kevin's face says it all

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Now we know

A different kind of hoop

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Even his Stache bro can't believe it

Too much information, dude

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We thought we heard wrong

Too 'excited,' IMHO

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Journalism that matters

If there was one interview that could give Kanter a run for his money, it would be this:

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