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Dugout Diaries: Meet the PBA's Team Lokal, Team Hybrid, and Team Pinsan

Erika Padilla dissects the PBA workforce and puts them neatly into helpful categories
by Erika Padilla | Aug 24, 2013
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Every fan wants to know as much as they can about the background of their idol. Knowing more about the person you look up to gives you an insight as to why you are drawn to that person.

It's the Governor’s Cup and most of the PBA followers have been focusing on the imports, their backgrounds, achievements, and everything else they can bring to their respective teams. But it is at this point that I would want to put attention to our own boys because at the end of the day, they are what we have all season long.

Even after almost two seasons in the PBA, there is still much I need to know about these players. However, those couple of years has been enough for me to somehow categorize our PBA idols into three groups. Categories that hopefully will give you ideas and clues about what make them inspiring and interesting to you. From these categories, you can further explore the little things they do and the choices they make, or just go crazy psycho-analyzing them.

But first, a disclaimer, this grouping is based on my point of view. Judgmental people are not allowed to continue reading from here on out. This is just for fun.

The first group is what we will call TEAM LOKALS. Obviously, these are the players who were born and who grew up here in the Philippines. Whether they’re from Manila, or from wherever in the archipelago, as long as they originate from any of the 7,107 islands, and had their minds molded and nurtured here, they fall under this category.

Regardless of whatever dialect they speak, or at what age did they start watching Dolphy; or if they know and have eaten fishballs, kikiam, dirty ice cream and balut; or if they enjoyed playing patintero, siyato, agawan-base, mataya-taya, jolens, and pog; or if they once dreamt of being Shaider, Masked Rider Black or Red Ranger, or even Cedie; or if they had Araling Panlipunan, Good Manners and Right Conduct, Filipino, and HeKaSi as subjects when they were in grade school and high school—undeniably, they belong to TEAM LOKALS.

Below are some examples of our very own astig LOKALS:
Air 21: Ogie Menor
Alaska: Jayvee Casio
Barako: Ronjay Buenafe
Ginebra: Mac Baracael
Globalport: Rudy Lingganay
Meralco: Mac Cardona
Petron: Denok Miranda
Rain or Shine: Ronnie Matias
San Mig: Jerwin Gaco
TNT: Aaron Aban

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Images courtesy of SPIN.PH and the PBA
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