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Dugout Diaries: Why I Find Fights S.E.X.Y.

With the wave of on-court meltdowns the past week, Erika Padilla asks: Can any good ever come out of fights?
by Erika Padilla | Sep 7, 2013
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Last Sunday, Coach Bo Perasol of the Ateneo Blue Eagles flipped out. 

A few nights later we had that San Mig Coffee Mixers-Globalport Batang Pier clash featuring players Marc Pingris, Kelly Nabong, Marcus Blakely, Marvin Hayes, and Joe Devance.

I’m sure you heard about both incidents, and most likely have watched replays of it on YouTube. The question now is how do you feel about rage-filled incidents like these? Are you forgiving or approving of their actions?

If you subscribe to the former then you probably think that sports heroes are just humans, and that they should not be condemned for a single mistake. One blow-up does not speak of their entirety as persons. On the other hand, the latter have been saying that Coach Bo's and the PBA players' behavior were inappropriate and absolutely uncalled for as sportsmen. "What a shame," some even say. 

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                                                                  Pigilan n'yo ko! Pigilan n'yo koooooooooo!"

Both have solid arguments. Me? I was only slightly shocked. With the time I have spent interacting with these men, I couldn't disregard their other good qualities because of one incident. 

Actually, it dawned on me that it’s actually a rush to see fights break out from time to time...

Now before you pass judgment on my "approval" of fisticuffs, which you're totally misunderstanding, I'd like to ask you to read below to find out why a woman like me could find the whole thing S.E.X.Y. Like any fights in sports history, eventually the parties involved realize just how silly it all really was and laugh about it. Some would probably even remember it like a fond memory shared between two buddies: "Pare, naaalala mo nung nagsuntukan tayo dati? Ha ha, muntik mo pa nga akong tamaan noon eh!" And I hope that by providing my own perspective to fights, I speed up that process. 

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So to every player there locked in a cold war, magbati na kayo mga dudes! Or do you want this courtside reporter to stop smiling?

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