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FHM Asks Girls To Predict What Will Happen In The NBA This Season!

Tired of all the same old basketball talk with your bros? Maybe it's time you ask 'em girls about the NBA!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Nov 6, 2014
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NBA Preview: FHM Answers All Your Questions About The New Season (Part III)

It’s been a week since the new NBA season started so we can all finally stop pretending that we give a rat's ass about all of the other crap on TV.

A lot of team-by-team and player analyses have been put up by popular sporting sites to give basketball junkies a glimpse of what to expect this season. We even gave you our very own NBA Preview to help answer some of your Association dilemmas.

Image via bleacher report

This early in the season, LeBron James and his new superfriends in Cleveland are still figuring out how to play with each other while his former teammates over at Miami has been nothing short of fantastic as of late.

Kobe Bryant looks good despite the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing finishes while fellow returnee Derrick Rose is, well, injured again. Speaking of injuries, the Oklahoma City Thunder has also lost Russell Westbrook to injury.

These early storylines have been discussed, broken down, and maybe even fought over not just by NBA-dedicated sites but almost all basketball nutheads—from the most respected authorities in the sport to the manong tricycle drivers at your neighborhood terminal. And you know what, they're all the same jibber-jabber.

That said, maybe it's time we listen to other hoop nuts. Or maybe even casual fans. Or maybe even girls. Malay natin, they might offer a different perspective, maybe even a better insight to the games.

Hence, we chatted with some of our female friends and asked them about the ongoing NBA season. Below are some of the things we learned...

We kicked things off with FHM Babe Aica Sy:

...and then asked some of our female friends to predict what will happen this NBA season

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