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FHM Debates: Who Should Give Way to End the NBA Lockout?

Blah - it's all about the money
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 18, 2011
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Just like us, most of you are probably getting sick of the basketball killjoy that is the NBA Lockout. Just like us, it kills you that we're not seeing any hoops action on television this time of year. And, most definitely like us, most of you probably wish they'd get this shit over with here and now.

But instead, more games this season are being cancelled, and NBA commissioner David Stern is even signaling we might not even see a glimpse of basketball action come Christmas time. Talks between owners and the players' union have not progressed one bit, all while we hopelessly wait for something even remotely positive to happen.

But we say the FHM nation prefers to debate, rather than wait. More and more details are being laid out by the week, and people are understanding the situation a lot more than when the NBA lockout first took place in July. Hence, we ask: who are you siding on in this whole fiasco?

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