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FHM Speaks with Aly Borromeo and Ian Araneta!

Is it a brewing rivalry we're smelling?
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 13, 2012
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The United Football League will kick off its new season
this Saturday, January 14, exlcusively on AKTV IBC 13! Firing up the season opener are the defending champions Air Force Phoenix, looking to defend their title against the star-studded Kaya Cignal FC. Certainly a first game high!

FHM managed to snag a short Q&A with this weekend's competing stars Ian Araneta and Aly Borromeo. We can certainly smell a new football rivalry brewing up. Our pending question on game day: kanino kayo kampi?

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Aly Borromeo, Kaya Cignal Football Club
Does it feel awkward playing against your Azkals teammates?
Obviously we should all get along. We all gel together and we’re all friends. On the pitch it feels a bit different not playing with each other, but it’s good to have that unique opportunity to play against those guys in return. But off the pitch we all hang out.

Which teams are you most threatened by this year?
Aly: The Global team and the Meralco guys, they’re a very, very diverse team. And then we got the local teams, the Air Force and the Army, they’re also quite good. It’s a good mixture of everything playing one another. The new season is gonna be challenging and exciting at the same time.

With all the talent coming over this season, do you see any difference in each team's style of play?
Aly: Yeah definitely. That’s why Air Force won the league last season because they’ve been playing together for the longest time. We at Kaya, not being biased on our team, but we play really good football. We’ll just have to finish goals. Meralco, they finish goals and they score a lot but they just don’t play defense. It’s really a mix of everything.

All UFL teams are backed up by sponsors, which wouldn't have been possible two years ago.
Aly: I think everything is backed up by football-loving sponsors. The undying love and support for the game is there, so backers are really there for their team. It’s important that you have backers that truly love the game.

Did you ever think it would come down to this point?
Aly: It just shows how much we love the game. Dati wala kaming suporta talaga eh. We would go out there and personally ask for help from sponsors. We just made it stronger. When we first started playing, me and Chieffy, we knew na makakaya ng core team namin eh. Starting with our success last year, the steps got bigger and finally we’re here. Everything worked together.

Has it all sunk in yet, being a footall star and all?
Aly: I can honestly say that I am a full-time professional football player now. We dreamt of this day to happen, where I don’t have to work a part time job in a company just to earn my living. We actually signed contracts, and we’ve never felt this good. This is a sign of good things to come.

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