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FHM's NBA Awards 2015: The Flop Of The Year, The Best Poster Dunk, The Best New Nickname, And More!

The best players and the most memorable moments of the NBA's 2014-2015 regular season remembered, <em>FHM</em>-style!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Apr 16, 2015
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The 2014-2015 NBA regular season is now in the books and that means the NBA is about to get serious with the Playoffs.

But before the best eight teams of each conference duke it out for the NBA championship starting this Sunday, let's all look back at the recently concluded season and the exciting moments it gave us. There's LeBron James coming back home to Cleveland and leading the now-surging Cavaliers; Andrew Wiggins proving that the hype is real; the Atlanta Hawks taking a page out of the San Antonio Spurs' playbook and steam-rolling the East.

Video via TheNew Sound's YouTube channel

And yes, there's also Steph Curry and his league-leading Golden State Warriors which, without a doubt, owned the 2014-2015 NBA season. 

That being said, the end of the regular season also means that it's time for FHM's NBA Awards! So while we leave the more prestigious trophies to the serious sports guys, here we list down the players and the moments that certainly made an impact (and our sides split from laughing too hard) these past few months.

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Scroll down and check out the winners!

Trevor Booker's Granny Shot At The Buzzer

Video via NBA YouTube channel

NBA rules state that if there's only 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock, the only way you can put the ball through the basket is by throwing a lob pass and tipping it into the hoop. Well, not for Utah Jazz' forward Trevor Booker. On January 9, the Jazz found themselves in a tricky situation late in the second quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the shot clock down to two-tenths of a second, Booker got creative and tapped the ball over his head for the most mind-blowing shot of the season.

: Curry Makes Chris Paul Play Twister On The Court

Video Via NBA YouTube's channel

The Warriors' MVP candidate was on videogame mode the whole year. Not only was he an automatic when it came to swishing baskets, he was also consistently contributing to highlight reels. The "Baby-Faced Assassin" arguably owns the best handles in the league and can definitely put his defenders on skates at will—even fellow point gods like CP3.

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: Andrew Wiggins' Aerial Annihilation Of Omer Asik

Video via NBA's YouTube Channel

The 2014 first overall Draft pick is just counting the days before he collects his first NBA hardware: this season's Rookie Of The Year trophy. He leads all rookies in scoring with 16.8 points per game and has already garnered a number of "Oh, damn"-inducing plays in his young career—the latest of which was when he baptized New Orleans Pelicans' center Omer Asik in mid-air during their game last April 13.

: John Wall's 360 Layup Against The LA Clippers

Video via NBA's YouTube channel

Seeing Washington Wizards point guard John Wall performing dazzling moves under the rim ain't really a new thing, but that doesn't mean we're dead tired of it. When they faced the LA Clippers back in March 21, J-Wall pulled out one of his signature 360-degree layups against the Clippers' ace defender Matt Barnes. We fondly call this as J-Wall's Matrix mode.

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: P.J. Hairston's Rookie Acting Skills

Video via watchnba201415 YouTube channel

Charlotte Hornets rookie P.J. Hairston isn't really known as a capable defender, but nobody expected him to suck at it big time. When the Hornets hosted the defending champ Spurs back in January 14, San Antonio guard Tony Parker slightly bumped Hairston after going over a screen. The rookie could have used his position to stand his ground and trap Parker in a double team but instead he opted to flop—arms flailing and all—until he ends up on Coach Pop's feet. He was fined $5,000 by the NBA the next day for his ridiculous act.

: Nik "Sauce Castillo" Stauskas

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Thanks to a closed caption error, a Sacramento Kings rookie accidentally got one of the most awesome nicknames in NBA history. He entered the court as Nik Stauskas and left as the trey-sniping, gun-slinging Sauce Castillo.

It was so awesome that the Kings management launched a new campaign in their next game in honor of Nik's bandolero alter-ego:

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It also got him his own signature sauce:

Move over Swaggy P, Sauce Castillo is here.

: LeBron James' Hairline

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