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FHM Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Your PBA?

So you think you’re a PBA nut, eh? Well, read on and we'll soon find out!
by Paolo S. Mariano | May 14, 2015
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So you think you’re a PBA nut, eh? Well, let’s see. Who holds the record for most MVPs in the league? Of course you know they’re Mon Fernandez and Alvin Patrimonio. Who is the PBA legend known as "The Flying A?" It’s Johnny Abarrientos, right?

But don’t congratulate yourself just yet. Those questions were too easy! They’re as easy as Lionel Richie’s Sunday mornings.

What if we asked you about more obscure, little-known PBA facts? Tidbits about guys like Japeth Jao or Ric-Ric Marata or Rob Duat. Will your PBA stock knowledge hold up? We thoroughly crafted this ball-busting  PBA Quiz to find out if you guys are truly die-hards.

We only have two rules: 1. No help from the Internet and, 2. No peeking at the answers at the end of the article. Ang mandaya, mababaog.

Think of this as a fastbreak to local hoops memory laneand a way to further prove that you really know your local hoops!

Game? GAME!

Note: We'd like to apologize in advance for the not-so-stellar photos you'll see as you read on. Many of these players are not exactly James Yap popular, plus photo-sharing online wasn't really big back then.

1. Who scored the first-ever basket in the PBA?

pba quiz
A. Joy Dionisio
B. Joey Marquez
C. Bogs Adornado
D. Quinito Henson

2. Who is the first-ever draft pick in the PBA?

pba quiz
A. Ricardo Brown
B. Vergel Meneses
C. Sonny Cabatu
D. Gilbert Lao

3. Who holds the PBA record for most turnovers by a local player in a single game?

pba quiz
A. Danny Ildefonso
B. Asi Taulava
C. Marlou Aquino
D. James Harden

4. Who is the former San Miguel player who celebrated his baskets by firing two imaginary pistols?

pba quiz
A. Art dela Cruz
B. Yves Dignadice
C. Matt Makalintal
D. Norman Black

5. Who is the first-ever recipient of the PBA Sportsmanship Award?

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pba quiz
A. Samboy Lim
B. Alvin Patrimonio
C. Vince Hizon
D. Rudy Distrito

6. Who holds the PBA record for dishing out the most assists in a single game?

pba quiz
A. Eugene Quilban
B. Dindo Pumaren
C. Jimmy Alapag
D. Terrence Romeo

7. What was former Swift coach Yeng Guiao’s ultimatum to his players if they lost another game in the playoffs of the 1994 All-Filipino Cup?

pba quizImage via

A. Risk being traded
B. They will all shave their head
C. 50-percent salary deduction
D. They will all watch a concert of Celine Dion live

8. What vehicle did former player Andy Seigle buy during his early years in the league?

pba quizImage via

A. Hummer
B. Bus
C. Lamborghini
D. Jeepney

9. What did Robert Jaworski say when Allan Caidic vomited on the floor after being hit by an elbow during a game between San Miguel and Ginebra in 1997?

pba quizImage via

A. "Tumawag kayo ng ambulansya!"
B. "Buti nga sa'yo!"
C. "Patay na ba?"
D. "Kilig much!"

10. Who was the first overall pick in the 2000 PBA Draft?

pba quiz
A. Sonny Alvarado
B. Yancy de Ocampo
C. Paolo Mendoza
D. Jejomar Binay

11. Who is the former Purefoods player and three-point artist who turned out to be a Fil-sham?

pba quiz
A. Noy Castillo
B. Al Segova
C. Mike Hrabak
D. Donking Sasuman

12. Who is the former player who greeted known cult leader Ruben Ecleo during a live interview on TV?

pba quiz
A. Terry Saldaña
B. Giovanni Pineda
C. Leo Bat-Og
D. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

13. Who is the former Ginebra player known as "The Microwave?"

pba quiz
A. Bong Alvarez
B. Benny Cheng
C. Jayvee Gayoso
D. Ponky Alolor

14. Who is the former point guard and amateur standout taken by Tanduay as one of its direct hires when it rejoined the PBA in 1999?

pba quiz
A. Jomer Rubi
B. Jason Webb
C. Ulysses Tanigue
D. Alfrancis Chua

15. Who is the former Fil-Am guard who looked like Kobe Bryant?

pba quiz
A. Kenny Evans
B. Jon Ordonio
C. Denver Lopez
D. Yoyoy Villamin

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16. Who is the former player who got linked to former starlet Rita Magdalena?

pba quizImage via

A. Lordy Tugade
B. Lowell Briones
C. Alex Crisano
D. Jimwell Torion

17. Who is the highest PBA draftee out of the now-defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA)?

pba quiz
A. Dorian Peña
B. Dondon Hontiveros
C. Willie Miller
D. James Walkvist

18. From what college did Ranidel de Ocampo come from?

pba quizImage via

A. Philippine Christian University
B. Far Eastern University
C. St. Francis of Assisi College
D. Ricky Reyes Learning Institute

19. Who is the charming former PBA courtside reporter who was once voted No. 3 on
FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list?

pba quiz
A. Jannelle So
B. Cesca Litton
C. Patricia Hizon
D. Chino Trinidad

20. Who is the former commentator who liked to greet PBA fans in various dialects?

pba quiz
A. Joe Cantada
B. Ed Picson
C. Noli Eala
D. Marv Albert

Nangamote ba kayo?
It wasn’t so bad was it? Now, check out the answers below to see if you got a perfect score!


1. A (Joy Dionisio)

pba quiz
Joy Dionisio, then playing for Concepcion Carrier, made the first ever PBA basket on April 9, 1975 at the Araneta Coliseum. His team, however, lost to Mariwasa-Noritake, 101-98. The former All-Star eventually spent his quality years in the league as a reliable rotation guy for Crispa.  

2. C (Sonny Cabatu)

pba quizImage via

The PBA held its inaugural rookie draft in 1985 with Sonny Cabatu being selected by Shell as the first overall pick. A former Lyceum star, Cabatu spent 13 years in the league as a tough enforcer with a funny looking over-the-head shot. He, however, did not win Rookie of the Year. The award went to his teammate and 8th overall pick Leo Austria.

3. A,B,C (Danny Ildefonse, Asi Taulava, Marlou Aquino)

pba quiz
It’s actually a trick question. Danny Ildefonso, Asi Taulava, and Marlou Aquino—all premier big men—are all tied for the embarrassing record having committed 12 errors in a game.  

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4. B (Yves Dignadice)

pba quizImage via

Yves Dignadice is not only known for his hustle and energy on the floor, his "bang bang" celebration after making a shot or a huge play is also popular among PBA fans in the late '80s and early '90s. He spent 14 seasons in the league with San Miguel and Ginebra.

5. A (Samboy Lim)

pba quizImage via

Aside from being one of the league’s most exciting players ever, Samboy "The Skywalker" Lim is also revered as a class act on and off the court. As recognition of this, he was given the inaugural Sportsmanship Award in 1993. Rey Evangelista and Freddie Abuda hold the record for most Sportsmanship plums with three apiece.

6. A (Eugene Quilban)

pba quizImage via

One of the league’s talented point guards in the early '90s, Quilban dished out 28 assists while playing for Seven-Up in a win over Shell on August 9, 1992. Just three more and he could’ve surprassed Scott Skiles’ record in the NBA.

7. B (They will all shave their head)

pba quizImage via

After losing their semifinals opener against Coney Island, Yeng Guiao, as a sort of motivational ploy, made the Mighty Meaties vow that they would all shave their heads if ever they lost again. They strung up five straight wins before bowing to San Miguel. Alas, they all played their next game, incidentally against Coney Island, as kalbos. Apparently, Guiao loved his new look so much that he has stayed skinhead ever since.

8. D (Jeepney)

pba quizImage via

Andy Seigle was drafted first overall by Mobiline in 1997 and won Rookie of the Year. It was his first extended stay in the Philippines and he was quickly enamored by the public jeepneys. So, he got one for himself. He bought a custom-made, air-conditioned jeepney and drove it coming to the games.

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9. C ("
Patay na ba?")

pba quizImage via

Nelson Asaytono accidentally hit Allan Caidic in the throat while battling for the rebound.  The Beermen called for a 30-second timeout to let "The Triggerman" recover. He, however, threw up on the floor and the timeout lasted for several minutes, prompting Jawo to make a "slit-throat" gesture, while asking "Patay na ba?" Jawo was painted by the media and fans as an insensitive prick. He reportedly visited Caidic in the hospital after the game.   

10. C (Paolo Mendoza)

pba quiz
One of the weakest draft classes in league history, Paolo Mendoza, a high-scoring guard from the UP Fighting Maroons, was taken by Sta. Lucia as the No. 1 pick. Here are the rest of the top 10: Mark Victoria, Dino Aldeguer, Erwin Velez, Ogie Gumatay, Egay Billones, Ronaldo Carmona, Glen Peter Yap, Patrick Madarang, and Randy Lopez. Yikes! Red Bull’s direct hire Davonn Harp won Rookie of the Year.

11. B (Alvarado Segova)

pba quizImage via

Alvarado Segova was Purefoods’ direct Fil-Am hire in 1999 and was one of the more talented ones with his scoring ability and versatility. Unfortunately, he was later discovered as a Fil-Sham and quickly bolted from the league. Rumors also circulated that he flew out of the country after being found out that he was having an affair with Jackie Forster, then Benjie Paras’ wife.

12. A (Terry Saldaña)

pba quizImage via

Terry Saldaña took home MVP honors in the Crispa-Toyota Reunion Game in 2003. During the end of his post-game interview, he surprisingly gave a shout-out to Ruben Ecleo, founder of alleged cult Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association. Apparently, Saldaña’s wife is one of Ecleo’s daughters. Small world?

13. B (Benny Cheng)

pba quizImage via

Known for his tough play and spark off the bench, Benny Cheng earned the moniker "The Microwave." An offensive stalwart in Mapua, the former NCAA MVP transformed as a defensive stopper in the PBA. He was a key player in Gordon Gin’s conquest of the 1997 Commissioner’s Cup.

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14. A (Jomer Rubi)

pba quizImage via

One of Tanduay’s stars in the PBL, Jomer Rubi was an easy choice as one of the team’s six direct hires when it rejoined the PBA. He was quick, had limitless range, and liked to hit big shots. He, however, didn’t pan out in the PBA, especially with his diminutive size. He only played a couple of conferences before washing out of the league.

15. B (Jon Ordonio)

pba quiz
Jon Ordonio was taken by Pop Cola as its direct Fil-Am hire in 1999. Our theory is that he was chosen simply because the team thought he’d play like Kobe too. But as it turned out, his talents weren’t even close to most of the PBA locals. He was a decent defender but only averaged less than four points in his career. He was unfortunately banished from the country by the Bureau of Immigration due to incomplete documents despite being a legit Fil-Am.

16. B (Lowell Briones)

pba quizImage via

Lowell Briones dated Rita Magdalena during her peak years in the late '90s ("Masikip, Masakit, Mahapdi" anyone?) He played back-up guard roles for Mobiline and Red Bull, entertaining fans with his out-of-nowhere offensive outbursts and streetball moves.

17. C (Willie Miller)

pba quizImage via

Willie Miller was drafted by Red Bull as the first overall pick in 2001 after starring for the Surigao Miners. He was among the first superstars who exited the MBA, which ultimately folded in 2002 after four promising seasons. Other notable MBA to PBA draftees include Rommel Adducul, Eddie Laure, Chris Calaguio, Reynel Hugnatan, John Ferriols, and PJ Simon (43rd overall in 2001!).

18. C (Saint Francis of Assisi)

pba quizImage via

Ranidel de Ocampo helped the SFA Doves capture four straight NCRAA titles from 2000 to 2003, teaming up with big bro Yancy, Al Vergara, Erwin Sotto, and Frederick Canlas. He also won four MVPs, making him the best player in NCRAA history. After his decorated collegiate career, he was drafted 4th overall by FedEx in 2004.    

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19. A (Jannelle So)

pba quizImage via

If you got this wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself! While Cesca Litton and Patricia Hizon are both attractive and worthy of our pages, we have a special place in our hearts for Jannelle. She took the PBA by storm in the late '90s as one of the first female courtside reporters. With her immense popularity and captivating girl-next-door looks, she was voted No. 3 on the FHM 100 Sexiest Women list in 2001, beating the likes of Joyce Jimenez and Maui Taylor. She now works as a broadcast journalist in Los Angeles.   

20. B (Ed Picson)

pba quizImage via

Ed Picson was one of the more recognizable PBA commentators in the '80s and '90s. He usually greets viewers in a slew of dialects like Cebuano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, and Chavacano. Okay, maybe not the last one. But his little gimmick endeared him to fans. His tandem with Andy Jao ("Ed Picson po lamang kasama si Andy Jao…") is one of the most popular in league history. He's now busy as executive director of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines.

What your score means:

  • 16-20: Congrats, you are indeed a true PBA nut!
  • 11-15: Puwede na, but you're still no PBA trivia machine
  • 6-10: You need a crash course on PBA history, pronto!
  • 1-5: Are you sure you're a PBA fan?
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