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FHM's Holiday Gift Guide!

<p>Because gifts are an awesome way to spread the Holiday Cheer!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Nov 30, 2010
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The perfect gift comes from the heart. If it makes the receiver smile, then congratulations. That's even better one. So instead of cookies, give them pralines and a personal touch. Instead of a planner, how about a sleek notebook? Instead of just a pen, have it engraved. Instead of their regular pencils, give them colored ones.

Unlike traditional gifts, unisex items are very much a time saver. They are your safe, whoever-gets-it perfect gift. Just make sure you pile on the nice stuff and better check on quality. While you can just get gift vouchers practically at any shop, you’ve got to be more creative than that. Check out bookstores, novelty shops, independent boutiques, mini department stores, and try to avoid the big ones because chances are people would just be exchanging the same gifts.

What actually never fail are these: Cute keychains that nobody can ever have enough of, good quality leatherware because they’re always on trend, cotton scarves because it’s forever fashionable, coffeemaker because who doesn't like good coffee, and a wrist watch because anyone could use it.

Let’s not wait for the holiday rush and get ourselves bruised and harassed by the stampede. It is smart to buy when you can so you don’t spend all your thirteenth month pay all in one go.  Here then, gentlement, is FHM's Gift Guide. We're doing away with categories and serving the goodies, straight-to-the-point. Enjoy!

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