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FHM's Seemingly Useless Summer Activities

Because summer shouldn’t just be all about the freakin' beach…
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 21, 2013
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Ahh the heat is on, and going out of the house seems like an unattractive proposition…just like many of the items on this list. We’re telling you though. These things and activities will definitely beat sweating it out on the couch; you just have to realize their hidden benefits!


1. Buy a Loudbasstard

FHM summer trips

POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS: This bamboo amplifier won’t blow your mind with its sound quality; any decent speaker would easily trump it.

BUT: It’s all natural schtick means it’s the perfect beach buddy. It works as a great conversation starter with them beach babes too. 

CHECK OUT: Grab this homegrown helper for P995 here 



2. Make a Pickup Bed Pool

   FHM summer trips

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POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS: I/my friends don’t have a pickup. I don’t have a big-ass tarp. I don’t have water…

BUT: It’s infinitely more fun than those inflatable pools that never seem to last more than one summer. It’s mobile too! We want someone to try this on EDSA.

CHECK OUT: This site goes even further and teaches you how to turn your pool into a hot tub (but why would you do that?).


3. Get Music Lessons

FHM summer trips

POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS: You hated music lessons as a kid. You have zero musical talent. “Makakain ko ba ang music?”

BUT: Chicks dig musicians. It’ll also give you something constructive to do while airing yourself out on the porch.

CHECK OUT: If taking formal lessons alongside 10-year old kids is too much for your pride, turn yourself into a self-taught maestro with help from


4. Take Up Poi

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FHM summer trips

POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS: The normal version of this performance art looks something more fit for girls. Don’t even mention the flaming version. “Makakain ko ba ang poi?”

BUT: It’s a fun form of exercise and it’ll do loads of good for your hand-eye coordination. If you can get good enough to put on a fiery show, women will think you are the sex!

CHECK OUT: The kind people (and hot women) at Planetzips have all you need to start.


5. Hit the Skies on the Flyboard

FHM summer trips

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POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS: It’s a frivolous childhood fantasy to fly. Networx Jetsports in Subic is too far away. Mahal toll sa NLEX.

BUT: Fulfilling a fantasy will only make you want to make another one real–this could be what reawakens your dormant sense of adventure. It also looks like stupid amounts of fun!

CHECK OUT: We didn’t namedrop Networx for nothing, find out how to earn your wings at


NEXT: Lift cute curvy things, do some good for your online time, body, sanity, and even your country! No kidding!

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