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FHM Presents: A Round-By-Round Prediction Of The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight!

This fight's so exciting, even our simulation of what will happen is making our hearts beat faster.
by Raul Maningat | Feb 25, 2015
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Seeing the Pacquiao-Mayweather megafight come to fruition was like having our fantasy of getting stuck in an elevator with Scarlett Johansson suddenly coming true—shocking us, freezing us up, and then feeding us wild ideas.

One such idea: imagining in our minds how the gargantuan showdown will unfold. We've laid out the comments from boxing legends regarding the fight, but we know that many of you are still restless waiting for May 3 (Manila time) to arrive.

So here's what we can offer: We'll try to inject a bit of calmness in your systems with a thoroughly researched, carefully analyzed, and passionately pieced-together 12-round simulation of the bout.

Now, let the fight (in our overactive minds!) begin:

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After the most the goose bumps-inducing singing of the national anthems (with Lea Salonga serving as an emergency replacement for Mommy D, who suffered stage fright) and the most chilling ring introductions ever, the referee gives his final instructions as we witness the most intense stare-down we’ve ever seen. We take a deep breath right before the pre-fight ceremonies are done. It’s time to rumble!


Manny puts his right hand up, offering Floyd to touch gloves, which the latter reluctantly obliges. The A-list celebrity-filled crowd (the entire Expendables cast is in attendance) erupts as the combatants appear to be sizing each other up.

Floyd stands in the pocket, firing out jabs. Manny bobs and weaves and fires jabs of his own but nothing significant lands for both guys. The world holds its breath for the first meaningful attack of the fight. In a blink of an eye, it comes in a form of a Pacquiao left hand lead that touches Mayweather on the kisser, reminiscent of the punch Manny frequently used in his virtuoso performance against Oscar De La Hoya.

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After getting hit, Floyd backs up for a second and then smiles at the laser-focused Filipino southpaw. Manny tries a 1-2 combination but doesn’t throw it with full power. Floyd easily avoids it. Floyd tries to bait Manny in but the bell rings, signaling the end of the round.

10-9 Pacquiao (Total: 10-9 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr.: "Relax. He ain’t nothin’. You’re better than him."
Floyd: "He ain’t no problem."   


Floyd comes out moving forward, trying to intimidate his rival. Undeterred by Money May’s bullying, Manny darts in for a right-left combination. Mayweather retreats and everyone in the MGM Grand cheers. That all-too-familiar chant begins: “Manny, Manny, Manny!"

Floyd tries to silence the deafening cheer by unloading a right straight to Manny’s temple. The Fighting Congressman ducks under it, resets, and moves in and out but not without leaving a dazzling two-punch combo. Floyd tries it one more time, putting more mustard on his right hand this time. Mayweather leaps forward as he uncorks the power shot. But again, Manny ducks underneath and avoids getting hit. Floyd realizes that he’s got one fast cat to the deal with as the round ends.

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10-9 Pacquiao (Total: 20-18 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Pacquiao's corner:
Trainer Freddie Roach: "That was nice, give me some more of that, keep the pressure on. Back him up with your jab."
Assistant trainer Buboy: "Dami ng suntok tsaka yung paa natin, galaw lang side-to-side, in-and-out."


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Floyd shows his shoulder roll technique at the beginning of the third canto.

Manny shuns it with heavy jabs as if Floyd’s defensive shell is nothing. Mayweather starts moving backwards and the chase is on with Manny being the aggressor. The Pambansang Kamao is clearly cut from a different cloth compared to Mayweather’s victims who fell under some sort of spell when they encountered Money-May’s renowned fighting stance.

For the first time since the first half of his 2006 tiff versus Zab Judah, Floyd looks confused inside the ring. Manny moves non-stop and is just as quick as or probably quicker than Floyd is. Mayweather, to a certain degree, is dumbfounded. Pacquiao makes it look easy as he renders Floyd gun-shy. Everybody’s slapping high fives all over the Philippines. (Mommy D continues her ringside pangkukulam.)

10-9 Pacquiao (Total: 30-27 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Floyd Sr.: "What’s going on? Go to work. Jab him, use your right hand more." 
Floyd: "Don’t worry, I’ll figure him out."

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With Floyd not doing much in the first minute of the fourth, Manny gets a head start. But the 47-0 Mayweather is just biding his time. The boxing genius from Grand Rapids, Michigan is plotting the necessary adjustments he needs to make in order to mount his offense.

In the second half of the round, Floyd begins dictating the pace by being more active with his hands. He makes sure he gets his shots off first, before his counterpart comes charging in. As Floyd delivers his impeccably timed blows, Manny is forced to do very little other than cover up. With godlike quickness, Floyd is able to employ his newfound strategy 'til the bell. Kabado na naman ang buong bayan!

10-9 Mayweather (Total: 39-37 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Pacquiao's corner:
Freddie: "He stole that round, you’ve got to be more active."
Buboy: "Nawala yung opensa natin, ibalik natin yung jab tsaka yung galaw."

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Floyd continues to find success by staying busy with timely jabs and clubbing right hands, landing shots in front and on the side of Manny’s gloves.

Mayweather’s tactic is all about preventing Pacquiao from attacking by catching him with shots before he gets in a position to launch something, like a gunslinger in the old Wild West who can draw his pistol faster than his enemy.

10-9 Mayweather (Total: 48-47 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Floyd Sr.: "I told you, he ain’t nothing!"   
Floyd: "All day, baby!"


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Manny gets off his stool all fired up, intent on taking back the points he lost in the last two rounds.

He gets more aggressive and goes after Floyd behind a multitude of punches. The crowd goes wild. But Floyd knows what Manny has in mind. Money-May takes advantage of the openings that the Pacman leaves when he comes barging in. Floyd is now scoring with right hand counters. He’s not landing them flush but he’s definitely connecting.

Manny is relentless but the telling blows in the sixth come from Mayweather’s fists. The American wins his third straight round. A few Pacquiao loyalists are already starting to cry as Floyd seems to be on his way to victory. (Mommy D update: Mommy D starts praying like she hasn't since the last Marquez fight.)

10-9 Mayweather (Total: 57-57 Tie)

Overheard at Pacquiao's corner:
Freddie: "It’s time to step it up, Manny. You’re letting him win rounds. Use more combinations."
Buboy: "Inaabangan ka niya, brad! Ibahin mo yung atake, gamitin natin yung kanan."

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Floyd is now beaming with confidence. He revs up the power as he throws looping right hooks, uppercuts, and straights. Manny catches them with his gloves but it looks like he’s getting beaten up, leaving a lasting impression on the judges.

With time winding down, Manny steps back to get some distance. Floyd walks him down as he looks to do more damage...but he’s about to get set up. As Floyd moves into punching range Manny surprises him with a beautiful right hook. Money-May tries to downplay his error by continuing to stalk the Pacman but again gets clocked with the same punch, this time throwing him off balance. Manny scores the best two blows of the round but it wasn’t enough to win him the seventh. Mommy D. is now hysterical, putting a hex not just on Floyd Jr. but the whole Mayweather clan.

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10-9 Mayweather (Total: 67-66 Mayweather)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Floyd Sr.: "You hurt? Don’t let him hit you like that." 
Floyd: "Alright, I’m going to get him this round."


Manny and Floyd take their duel to the center of the ring, fighting at a distance where both of them can throw their strongest punches. Floyd postures with his knees bent and his right hand cocked, ready to unleash when Manny comes flying in.

Floyd is clearly trying to replicate Juan Manuel Marquez’s knockout of Pacquiao. The Pambansang Kamao notices what Captain Obvious is up to and begins darting in and out from different angles when he throws, nullifying Floyd’s evil plan. Money-May waits too long for the opportunity to KO Manny, which never comes, allowing the Filipino icon to win the eighth round by simply by being the more active guy on offense. The Pacman fans make noise once again.

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10-9 Pacquiao (Total: 76-76 Tie)

Overheard at Pacquiao's corner:
Freddie: "That’s it, Manny. You’re back. Now, let’s do what we worked on in the gym."
Buboy: "'Eto na, 'tol. Ilabas na natin lahat. Buhos na tayo."


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The ninth round starts like the first one, with both guys not throwing much and just measuring each other up. Things are pretty uneventful until Floyd starts utilizing anew his shoulder roll.

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Mayweather throws a left hook as he moves away from the Pacman, which turns out to be a humongous mistake. Manny sees a small opening and tags Mayweather with a lightning-quick left straight. Floyd’s legs get rubbery; he struggles to stay on his feet. Pandemonium ensues in the MGM Grand.

Mark Wahlberg, seated at ringside, screams his lungs out as he eggs Manny to go for the finish. But Money-May is in tremendous shape. He’s still unsteady but recovers just enough to hang on and finish the round on his feet. Manny makes a huge statement as he takes another round.

10-9 Pacquiao (Total: 86-85 Pacquiao)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Floyd Sr.: "That ain’t cool, man. Stay close to him, smother him."   
Floyd: "I got it, I know what to do."


Now aware that Manny can hurt him, Floyd decides to tie his adversary up a lot. It’s gulang time!

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Mayweather throws a punch or two and then immediately grabs Manny’s arms to avoid being countered with another massive haymaker. He also gets in a few blows inside the clinch. It’s basically the same thing Floyd did in his rematch against Marcos Maidana.

Manny is forced to fight on the inside, which is not one of his strong suits. Floyd does what he does best: be boring but effective. Money-May unbelievably comes back to win the tenth round.

10-9 Mayweather (Total: 95-95 Tie)

Overheard at Pacquiao's corner:
Freddie: "He’s tying you up, create space so you can throw your punches."
Buboy: "Kinakapitan ka, 'tol. Iwas tayo sa loob. Gumamit tayo ng footwork. Mag-react tayo agad sa suntok niya. Kayang-kaya mo yan, 'tol!"


Manny makes sure Floyd won’t get a hold of him anymore by throwing his right hooks and left hand leads as soon as Money-May approaches. He scores heavily early on. Floyd abandons his Bernard Hopkins-inspired maneuver and uncharacteristically trades with the Pacman.

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Manny’s eyes light up as Floyd enters his world by slugging with him. But Floyd holds his own as he nails the Pambansang Kamao using right uppercuts and clubbing hooks. His face seething with anger, Pacquiao acknowledges getting hit by banging his gloves together. Fans around the world rise to their feet. Manny retaliates by drilling Floyd with looping rights and lefts. They’re fighting toe-to-toe, it’s unbelievable.

Floyd seems to have absorbed more punishment but the judges are torn apart on this one. Round eleven could’ve gone either way.    

10-10 Tie (105-105 Tie)

Overheard at Mayweather's corner:
Floyd Sr.: "What are you doing, Floyd? You should be picking him apart."
Floyd: "Come on, stop it. He’s legit, he’s a warrior."


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Floyd appears to be winning a few minor exchanges in the first two and a half minutes of the final stanza. Manny needs to do something dramatic to snatch this round away from Mayweather.

As the final minute approaches, Floyd attempts to hold Manny down one more time but the Pacman is having none of it. He throws three straight sharp jabs that push Mayweather into a corner, a place where the fight hasn’t gone to all night.

Floyd again cocks his right hand lead counter. Manny comes flying in as if he’s going to fall into the trap. He feints and feints and when he’s just about to unleash his killer left, Pacquiao stops. Floyd falls for the fake and throws his right hand too early, exposing his head. Manny sees the clear target and lets his left hand cannon loose right into Mayweather’s skull.

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Images from the insane five-year build up to Mayweather-Pacquiao flash before everyone’s eyes and soon after, we realize that Money-May is out on his feet. Pacquiao jumps all over him. The refereee steps in to stop the fight as time expires. The world breaks into a rapturous roar upon seeing Floyd virtually being saved by the bell.  


The ring announcer holds up his microphone to congratulate the two all-time greats for a legendary contest and proceeds to declare the winner, “... by unanimous decision, from Saranggani in the Philippines...”  

The euphoria of seeing Manny Pacquiao winning over Floyd Mayweather Jr. would probably be the same feeling we would've felt had Gilas Pilipinas won the FIBA World Cup—a feeling we can't imagine simulating.

The final score: Round 12 goes to Manny, 10-9, with the final tally at 115-114 Pacquiao.

Once again, we declare as such: Fight night can't come soon enough. In the meantime, to quell our brimming excitement, we'll go train in some boxing gym with Floyd's photo on the heavy bag. We suggest you do the same!

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