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FHM Yearend Awards 2012: World of Sports
Yay for sports!
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 2, 2013
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Awards shows are everywhere. Soon, there will be an awards show for the best award shows. But yeah, there's nothing wrong in giving credit where credit is due. So without further ado, here's our Top Sports Moments of 2012. Nope, there is no Best Float in this one.


It was The Punch That Shocked a Nation. With only a couple of seconds left in the sixth round of their fourth encounter last December 8 in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao was hit by Juan Manuel Marquez with a vicious right counter-punch. Buenas noches, Pacman! Manny French-kissed the canvass as he fell face first like a drunkard who just took his 6,8347th shot of cheap rum. No one in the entire Milky Way, perhaps even El Dinamita, expected the killer knockout. Saying that the entire archipelago was shocked is a massive understatement. It was a shocking and monumental blow by a brilliant fighter on one of boxing’s all-time greats. Knockout of the Decade, yes?

Why, You Ask: Every time a single punch silences 90 million people, it deserves recognition. Pacquiao was the favorite heading into the fight, having “won” their last two meetings. But Marquez turned the table and did what he wanted to do, which was to find redemption. The only thing people will remember about the rivalry even after 8,394 years is El Dinamita’s nasty knockout. Or the fact that he used to drink his own piss.
Mandatory YouTube clip: If there was one person who took Pacquiao's loss the hardest, it's Mommy Dionisia. Pac-Mom ranted on national TV about how his son was being used “like an animal.” She also went into borderline-insane fits, attributing the defeat to Pacman's involvement with pastors and for turning his well-chiseled back on Catholicism. As they say, there’s nothing like a mother’s love—especially of this kind.

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