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Mayweather Says He'll Return If He Can Fight Conor McGregor

Floyd: 'If I do fight, it's only against McGregor, not against anybody else'
by Gelo Gonzales | May 17, 2016
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Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather, but he sure knows how to swipe our attention whenever he wants to.

Recently, the boxer did so with the following words: “If I do fight, it’s only against Conor McGregor...not against nobody else.” He was caught making the proclamation on a video uploaded on the YouTube channel ESNews, a page helmed by American sportswriter Elie Seckbach, last May 13.

It's a fight we want to see.

Anytime Mayweather puts his 49-0 record at risk, we squeal with glee. We're not about to lie; we don't want him ever going one over Rocky Marciano's record. This is Pacquiao-country, no matter our reservations for his winning a senatorial seat. With Pacquiao out of the question, we'd gladly live vicariously through the next best contender.

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That contender is the UFC's McGregor. Though his recent actions may have been questionable, we're still rooting for the MMA star. He's a straight-talker, and his hardships earlier in life have been enough to gain our sympathy. Pacquiao's rags-to-riches story is this Filipino generation's most well-known fairytale; Conor's story of breaking through after his days as a down-on-his-luck plumber isn't all that different, and thus, resonates. We'd love to see him give Mayweather a little trouble.

Or if it were all up to us, a LOT of trouble. Wishful thinking, considering that the fight will most likely take place in a boxing ring and not an octagon—a place where Mayweather will easily demonstrate how different boxing is to MMA. Conor can box. The dude's an Irishman, and first trained in that sport. Mayweather himself believes the same, as quoted in the video above:

“You have (a boxer) against an MMA fighter—one of the best MMA fighters to ever stand up and do it. He’s a strong fighter, and when I look at his fights, he’s a little faster than I thought he was.”

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He also said, “When he kick ass, he kick ass in a stand-up position,” referring to McGregor.

Take those with a grain of salt. In skills and experience, the gap between them is Grand Canyon-wide.

But so is their age; Mayweather is 39, McGregor is 27. Thirty-nine is the age of staging comebacks, not all of which succeed. Twenty-seven is the age when you win MVPs. It's not a fact you can easily disregard. McGregor will be at his physical peak should a fight go down between them, a factor that may just prevent the fight from being a one-sided display of boxing prowess.


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As far as entertainment value goes, can you imagine the pre-fight events? Both are loud, both are flashy, and both are volatile. Imagine all the articles we can write about who has the better cars, more expensive watches, and the most ooh-inducing remarks! That thing is a goldmine for internet writers and meme-makers the world over. 

In the same video above, Mayweather, in fact, has already made Filipino fans such as us spew some acid. He believes that he and McGregor can break the pay-per-view sales record that the Pacquiao fight had set in 2015:

“We probably could break that number," he said.

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In the challenger's corner, McGregor has already been vocal about fighting Mayweather, showing little fear for the undefeated champ. Last week, he posted a mock poster of the mega-fight.

And here's another storyline: The two both have a penchant for retiring and un-retiring.

Seriously though, McGregor and Mayweather are dynamite personalities that sell fights. There's money to be made here, so it's hard to disregard's Mayweather's claims that the wheels have begun to turn:

“I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a master plan to make that fight happen. It hasn’t happened, yet, but we locked down some dates, me and my team, me and Al Haymon, me and Leonard Ellerbe."


    Image via Conor McGregor's Twitter page

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