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#BashFloyd: 8 Of Mayweather's Suckiest Pacquiao-Ducking Moves
With no fists from Pacquiao being delivered Mayweather's way, we've decided to throw our own.
by Raul Maningat | Jan 27, 2015
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Following the on-again, off-again Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown has been excruciating, to say the least. It’s heartbreaking in the same way as being friend-zoned by a girl after treating her on a number of expensive butas-bulsa dates.

Many boxing scribes believe that both camps are at fault for the ridiculously long delay of what would unquestionably be the richest prizefight ever. But as the recent developments of the mega bout’s shaky negotiations indicate, it seems like Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t really want to face our Pambansang Kamao. If everything falls apart yet again and if the dream match never materializes, we’re going to have to blame Floyd.

This is because we’ve seen enough to believe that he’s avoiding Manny Pacquiao—and he’s done it in a variety of ways for more than half a decade now. Below we've compiled these ways in our list of the most “supot” maneuvers the slippery American has used to duck the Pacman—moves that we can always bash the haughty fighter with.

1)   Those darned PEDs Accusations

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The Duck: In a 2010 negotiation, along with Floyd’s slanderous insinuations that Manny is juicing, he adamantly asked that both of them should undergo an Olympic style drug testing. It didn’t sit well with the Filipino champion and the dialogue between both parties went haywire.

Why it sucks: Floyd and his equally annoying Dad’s accusations revolving around Manny’s use of performance enhancing drugs are all based on malicious speculation. Pacquiao has never been involved in any, minor nor major, banned substance controversy. It’s just that the Mayweathers’ egos are so huge they can’t fathom someone not bearing their family name to exceed their accomplishments, convincing them that Manny’s on something.

Pacquiao knocking Ricky Hatton out cold in front of the Brit slugger’s trainer, who happened to be Floyd Sr., also didn’t help as it probably scared the elder Mayweather off. The drug-testing thing, though, may be the smartest Pacman-evading stunt Floyd ever pulled. For a while, Team Pacquiao’s initial apprehension towards it garnered Floyd a lot of praise for taking a “stand” against unfair competition. In contrast, Manny took some heated criticisms. However when Pacquiao finally agreed to Money-May’s blood-testing condition, the boxer formerly known as Pretty Boy took something out of his sleeve and voila, another demand, another excuse.

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2)   Hiring Alex Ariza

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The Duck: Ex-Pacquiao strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza, now employed by The Money Team, has been repeatedly blasting Manny’s promoter Bob Arum for allegedly not letting Pacquiao-Mayweather take place. And a few days ago, he concluded his tongue lashing of the 85-year old Arum by saying that a Mayweather fight will go down on May 2nd but not against Pacquiao. We’re pretty sure Ariza declaring something that big would not happen without his boss’ blessing.

Why it sucks: Hiring someone whom he once implied to be involved with PEDs, as per Ariza’s stint with Team Pacquiao, only means that Floyd is up to no good. He might’ve thought Alex would back up his baseless allegations regarding Pacquiao and steroids. Well, it looks like Pacman’s former associate has nothing on Manny. Ariza has yet to link his former employer with such misdeeds, confirming that the drug issue concerns of Floyd are nothing but a product of fear and paranoia. Not being able to make Freddie Roach’s nemesis take the witness stand, Mayweather had to assign his new henchman elsewhere.

So now, Ariza has become his official Bob Arum basher and spokesperson for explaining why the long-awaited bout won’t transpire. In short, Alex Ariza has become one of Floyd’s puppets when it comes to ducking the eight-division champion.

3)   Good Ol' Amnesia

The Ducking: Just days before his infamous cheap shot KO’d Victor Ortiz in 2011, Mayweather called Pacquiao out but totally forgot about it afterwards. He probably has the ability to perform a self-induced amnesia. We’re not exaggerating; here’s solid proof:

Video via LAJ

Why it sucks: It’s frustrating to see a boxing champion go back on his word especially in a manner that reminds us of the stereotypical telenovela character suffering from extreme memory loss after accidentally getting hit on the head. Mayweather has done it several times. The latest incident was when he beat Marcos Maidana for the first time in May 2014. After the decision was announced, Floyd was interviewed in the ring and he appeared enthusiastic about the prospect of facing his long-time rival.

"I'm not ducking or dodging no opponent. If a Pacquiao fight presents itself, let's make it happen," he said at the time. After an hour, Mayweather took the podium at the postfight press conference uninterested in pursuing the superfight. "I don't think about Pacquiao, I don't even know him. I wish him the best but that's not my focus… I try questions over-and-over and I will give you the same answers,” insisted the undefeated cherry-picker champ.

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It’s quite bizarre seeing Floyd acting as if he does not remember what he had just said. Because of that we’ve got three words for you, Money-May: Memo Plus Gold!

4)   Le 40 Million Dollar Offer

Image via Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Twitter page

The Duck: In 2012, Floyd offered Manny $40 million to fight him. This time around, the Mayweather prerequisite was that all the profit from the pay-per-view sales would go to him alone. Back then, Manny was just as hot a boxing commodity as Mayweather. He has not yet lost to Tim Bradley and he has yet to fall from that brutal Juan Manuel Marquez right hand counter. Knowing that he was just as big or maybe even a bigger a draw than Floyd, Manny declined the audacious proposal.

Why it sucked: Had Manny agreed to his shrewd opponent’s terms, he would’ve let an easy extra $10-20 million fly out of the window. Forty million dollars is a lot of money but in the world of a superstar multi-millionaire like Pacquiao three years ago, Floyd was actually low-balling him.

Plus, Manny is contractually binded to Top Rank promotions, he’s obligated to let Bob Arum’s company reap revenue from his earnings as a prizefighter. Looking back at it, Floyd made an offer that’s pretty much unacceptable. What if Manny made a counter offer that states he’ll give the brash American $60M without PPV income share? Floyd will certainly not agree to it. He will not sell himself short just as Manny didn’t. It just goes to show that Mommy D didn’t raise a fool.

5)   Fighting Juan Manuel Marquez

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The Duck: Manny was on top of the boxing world after his destruction of Hatton in 2009. Mayweather then came out of retirement to try and take the spotlight back. He intended to do it not by beating the sport’s man of the moment but by outboxing Marquez, aka Pacquiao’s bona fide kontrapelo.

Why it sucks: Mayweather-Marquez was a catchweight bout of 143 lbs to supposedly reduce Juan Manuel’s size disadvantage. But Mayweather came in overweight against the Mexican legend who looked bloated as he gained the pounds without the guidance of a fitness expert. Man, all Marquez did to bulk up was pick up rocks off the road and hurl it as far as he could and drink his own piss.

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As a result, Floyd manhandled an unusually lethargic Dinamita. As things turned out, the definitive win over Marquez has become Floyd’s way of saying that he no longer needs to deal with Manny because he had already picked apart the guy who’s been able to punish the Filipino great. But that thinking won’t ever amount to something to any knowledgeable fight fan. The only way Floyd can truly prove he can defeat his chief rival is to go up against him inside the squared circle.

6)   Floyd, The Keyboard Warrior       

The Duck: Whenever the boxing public, the mainstream media, and the rest of humanity are bombarding Mayweather with questions about a clash with Pacquiao Floyd would answer, “I don’t want to fight Manny!” by going to the internet. He would post GIFs, Vines, and memes of Pacquiao’s losses.

Why it sucks: Well, only a 10-year old neglected by his parents would do such things. Using social media to make fun of someone is kid stuff. It’s just amateurish and gutless. Floyd is a world champion boxer, for crying out loud, so seeing him more courageous online than up in the ring is such a shame.Even Marquez is sick and tired of Floyd’s cyberspace bullying, of which the Mexican great had these to say:

"Floyd should stop posting videos and pictures of me knocking out Manny. He should fight him first, and prove he is the best; not just talk but beat the man considered the best pound-for- pound [fighter] for many years, Manny Pacquiao."

7)   The Showtime "Interview"

The Duck: Last December, Floyd gave an interview on his home network, Showtime, wherein he apparently called Pacquiao out for a May 2, 2015 match. Many fans assumed that the super duper long wait is over but right now, everything is looking as bleak as it has ever been.

Video via Marcel Coolio

Why it sucks: First off, May 2nd was a date eyed by Golden Boy Promotions for another huge event featuring Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto. Mayweather’s insistence on fighting during the Cinco de Mayo weekend caused quite a stir. Word is out that Cotto had already pulled out of the Canelo bout as the Puerto Rican champ is now in talks for a rematch with Mayweather.

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Second, Manny has already agreed to all of Floyd’s stipulations including the fight date. Now, there’s nothing else Pacquiao can do except wait for Floyd to sign on the dotted line. But Mayweather has yet to say the fight is on and continues to nail Arum for it. It’s a clear sign that the Showtime interview is nothing but an empty challenge, a sham! A sham we tell you!

8)   Blame It On Old Man Bob

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The Duck: Another bad omen that says we’re going to wait 50 more years before we see the two greatest pugilists of our generation face to face is this recent statement by Mayweather:

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