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Frank Mir's Most Memorable Angas Moments

<p>A fighter who talks as much as he fights</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 30, 2010
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Former heavyweight champion Frank Mir (14-5) is back to his winning ways, courtesy of a knockout win over kick boxer Mirko Cro Cop (27-8-2) at UFC 119 this Sunday, September 26.
Lackluster however, would be a good word to describe this 15-minute scuffle between two of the most popular heavyweight fighters in the UFC.

Mir and Cro Cop never got the hang of the first round feelers, barely giving strikes in all three rounds of action.

With just over a minute left, Mir was able to hit Cro Cop with a flying knee, sending the Croatian straight to the ground.

As disappointed as everyone is albeit the outcome, himself included, Frank Mir still managed to blurt out his usual dose of swag statements: “A sh**** win is still better than a sh**** loss.”

Frank Mir has always been notorious for three things: submissions, trash talking, and his undeniable display of angas in everything he does. He has been a UFC fighter since 2002 – quite the veteran fighter for a 31-year old.

And this recent victory will only contribute to Mir’s growing list of his most memorable angas moments inside and out of the Octagon:

The fight with Tim Sylvia
Frank Mir’s UFC 48 bout with then-UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia in 2004 ended in an armbar victory for the challenger. An escape attempt from Sylvia prompted Mir to jerk much harder, breaking Sylvia’s arm in the process.

The champion’s radius bone snapped below his elbow, breaking his arm in four different places. And just like that, Mir became the antagonist.

Angas Quote: “Hey, the crowd boos, next time I’ll rip his arm off, if that’s what they want.” –
on breaking Tim Sylvia’s arm

The Follow-up: Just a couple of months into his UFC heavyweight title reign, Frank Mir would engage into a motorcycle accident that resulted to several torn ligaments and a broken femur, costing him his championship belt after 14 months of inactivity.

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