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French Gymnast Suffers Gruesome Injury At Rio Olympics

Samir Ait Said 's left leg looked like it has snapped in two on his vault landing
by F. Valencia | Aug 7, 2016
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Even the best athletes in the world aren't immune from injury. French gymnast Samir Ait Said knows that all too well.

During the second subdivision of the men’s qualifying events of the Rio Olympics, Said broke his left leg. As a USA Today report put it, "Said's left leg snapped on his vault landing, the sharp crack able to be heard throughout the arena."

Said had been attempting a move called the tsuk double pike.

Here's a clip of Said's accident (WARNING: It's gruesome):

Medical staff worked for several minutes to stabilize the injury and he was later carried out of the arena on stretcher. The crowd applauded Said for his amazing composure despite the injury he had suffered, reports The Washington Post.

CNN report pointed out: "It is not Said's first major injury after a vault. He missed the 2012 Olympics because he fractured his right leg in three places at the European Championships."


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Meanwhile, the International Gymnastics magazine weighed in on the issue in a Facebook post, stating, "Said’s horrific injury reminds us of how dangerous gymnastics can be. Men’s vault has increased in difficulty more than any other event, and gymnasts are taking extreme risks for a few extra tenths [for their scores]. When you are landing after flipping two-and-a-half times through the air, that mat is still a hard landing."


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