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Get Fit with Fitness First's Lose Big program

<p>Like the <em>Nutty Professo</em>r's magic weight loss drink, only more real.</p>
| Mar 19, 2010
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Beaches and babes in skimpy bikinis are images we all associate with the summer season. And most of the time, we’d like to imagine ourselves to be that man, for whom the beach serves as the perfect venue for showing off a toned body; the kind which makes the aforementioned babes do some gawking of their own. [firstpara]
Yet, the keyword there is ‘imagine.’ How many times have you told yourself that before summer hits, you’re going to get in tip-top shape?

Countless times, we reckon. And so you realize that indeed, losing weight is easier said than done. Especially when the beer always beckons.

Good for you then that Fitness First has come up with a new program called ‘Lose Big’ designed for those of us with nagging weight problems.

Inspired by The Biggest Loser Asia, Fitness First’s Lose Big program was created by the said show's Blue Team trainer Dave Nuku, who also happens to be Fitness First's Regional Fitness Manager. The program is spefically design for overweight people who think their situation is hopeless.

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The ‘Lose Big’ program provides participants with three basic things that are vital to losing weight:

1)The right motivation

Without the right motivation, without a proper goal in sight, it is easy to get sidetracked or just completely lose all hope. The ‘Lose Big’ program ensures that your eyes are always set on the prize. This is why the program is done in a group format.

By seeing other people go through the same kind of rigors as you do, lessens the chances of just plain giving up. After all, these are like-minded people who understand what you’re going through, and so ultimately, the program hopes to nurture a fitness environment that thrives on participants encouraging other participants.


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