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Gilbert Arenas Hits An Unbelievable 95 Out Of 100 Threes For P100K Vs. Nick Young

'There's a reason they call me Agent Zero, Nick'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 13, 2018
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Somebody get the Golden State Warriors on the phone.

A week ago, free agent Nick Young called out his former Washington Wizards teammate, Gilbert Arenas, and invited him to engage in a shootout. Wait, that didn't sound right, especially about someone who got suspended for toting guns in an NBA locker room.

To be fair, Arenas seemed to be the first one to issue the challenge to the newly minted champion, at least according to the other guy talking in the video below.

Young dared the three-time All-Star, "Any place, any time. Name your price," but he may have crossed the line when he called the latter an "old has-been." The 2003 Most Improved Player, whose career was derailed by injuries and his own behavior, is not one to take take the name-calling sitting down.

In true Agent Zero fashion, Arenas recently hit the gym with a bag full of cash worth $100,000, but Swaggy P didn't show up. Still, the Out of Bounds host laced up a pair of Jordans and proceeded to drain 95 out of 100 three-point shots nonchalantly, almost eight years since he last played in the pro league.

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The most-viewed clip (386,553 hits as of writing) on his YouTube channel No Chill Productions was a staggering display of Arenas' elite shooting, as well as his underrated trash-talking and trolling. Here are some of his best sound bites:

"If you can shoot like me, you'd be a max player."
"This is how (Stephen) Curry feels, huh? When he's busting their asses."
"Somebody tell Magic (Johnson) go ahead and sign me, baby."
"Bron (LeBron James) will average 30 assists just passing the ball to me."
"There's a reason they call me Agent Zero, Nick."
"I've been sitting on the couch watching Netflix for the last motherf*cking four years."
"I killed your favorite players, all the time."

Surely an NBA roster could use a couple of snipers in Young and his 36-year-old tormentor (Kyle Korver is already 37). We just need this kind of love-hate relationship in the league. Remember when Arenas invaded Swaggy's house and roasted him and his son?

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