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The Final Entry: Jessica Mendoza Bids Farewell

Jessica Mendoza is about to fly abroad to study. This is where she breaks up with us, and we all scream, "Nooo, please, we'll change, we'll be better, we promise, just don't leave us!"
by Jessica C. Mendoza | Jul 8, 2013
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Dear Reader,

Let’s zoom in on the near future like it’s a scene before a camera lens. Assuming we’re basketball fans, what do we see? There’s FIBA Asia, right around the corner in August. The Gilas boys, I’ve heard, have been at it day and night preparing for the tournament—it's Saturday, and I literally just received a text from Gabe Norwood telling me they’ve got practice after dinner tonight and again tomorrow morning, Sunday, before they head out to train in New Zealand on Tuesday.

A little further on is the third conference of this stretched-out season of the PBA. The trade rumor mill is relatively quiet, probably because all those chit-chatty birds are focused on FIBA. But once that’s over, I’m sure everyone’s attention will whip right back to the upcoming Governor’s Cup.

And then there’s the big Pacers-Rockets game in October, whose organizers must be in ecstasy over Dwight Howard’s decision to move to Houston. D12 is one more giant reason for Filipino fans to pre-order tickets.

It’s going to be an exciting next few months for Philippine basketball. I’m sorry I’m going to miss it.
But all is not lost. As I leave for the far-off city of Boston, Massachusetts to get my geek on (the goal is a master’s degree in Journalism), I leave the care of this column in the capable hands of a colleague whose opinions I’m actually really interested in, Miss Erika Padilla. She will be handling her own sports column for starting late July.

In the nearly two years I’ve known her, she and I have not talked much about our thoughts on basketball. But let me just say this about Erika: the first time I met her, she scared the crap out of me. Picture her, unknown to me—an imposing, young woman with hair teased up to the high heavens, makeup expertly done, her tight dress hugging her every curve—and we all know she’s got curves.

                                                                 Just in case you're doubting Jessica

Her voice boomed in the suddenly tiny production room at the Araneta Coliseum.

NEXT: In which Erika offers Jessica the services of her make-up artist

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