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Let's Crown The Warriors Already And Call It A Season

Bring out the brooms! There's no way Cleveland can win the NBA Finals this year
by Tonyo Alejandro | Jun 7, 2016
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If the NBA Finals were the WWE, you'd probably be not too shocked at the sight of Cleveland Cavaliers getting mauled by the Golden State Warriors over and over at the end of WWE Raw.

If they were John Cena—and the Warriors were, say, a gang composed of All Star heels A.J. Styles, Triple H, and Rusev—you'd be right to expect that come WWE's next electric pay-per-view extravaganza, the Cavs would defy resounding odds, F.U. the hell out of their tormentors, and emerge victorious in the main event.

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Such a scenario, though, won't happen in the NBA, where performance rather than fantasy is king. Sorry, Cavs loyalists. There's just no way an error-prone LeBron James (6 TOs per game), a healthy but ineffective Kyrie Irving (18 ppg on 33% FG clip), a now not-so-healthy-but-unlikely-to-be-shut-down Kevin Love, and their crew of suddenly gun-shy snipers can deliver the championship you've all been thirsting for a while now this year.

They just don't have it in them to dream up addicting yet reason-bending tales that end happily the way Stephanie McMahon and her brilliant creative team do it in the WWE.

It's quite obvious: The only thing the Cavs have been great at so far is turning this series into a complete bore. They're so convincing in fact in playing sissy hoops that at some point during NBA TV's post-Game 2 show yesterday, Inside the NBA analyst Kenny "The Jet" Smith was caught on cam scribbling something on paper, seemingly uninterested in participating in the panel's discussion and dissecting the just-concluded game any further.

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When called out by fellow Inside comrade Shaquille O'Neal about it, Kenny revealed he was already listing down his vacation options for the summer. It was his last day at work for this season apparently so he figured it was time for him to do a bit of research, never mind that they've got a few more minutes left to spend on air. Besides, he added, there’s nothing more to say about this series except the certainty that the Warriors would sweep the Cavs to win its second consecutive championship.

I agree. Actually, it looked to me that the Cavs wouldn't win a single game in the Finals after their punchless performance in Game 1. Their Game 2 humiliation only makes this prediction easier to accept and verbalize. The Cavs faithful will witness this moment become reality on their home floor, Saturday, June 11. And they—like this self-confessed Warriors non-believer who already sounds resigned to his fate here—will be devastated.

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Photos from the Golden State Warriors' Facebook page

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