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HOT SPORTS GAL ALERT: Meet Badminton Goddess, Gronya Somerville!

Remember when people went crazy for badminton? We reckon this Australian sensation can get y'all smashing shuttlecocks again!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 5, 2015
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Remember when you tried out badminton just because your neighborhood crush played every afternoon on the streets? You, mindlessly swatting thin air and basically embarrassing yourself, just to see her get drenched in her tight shirt and short shorts, ready to hand her your own towel during breaks?

Well, we're sure you wouldn't mind going through all of that again after meeting Gronya Somerville, Australian badminton's poster girl and the sport's own Maria Sharapova!

Here she is in action, looking nice as heck:

Photo via

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Somerville reportedly first caught the fancy of the badminton world when she represented her country at the 2012 Thomas & Uber Cup.    

Photos via Gronya Somerville's Facebook page

Gronya's father is Chinese while her mother hails from Britain, which explains her orien-tisay looks. The 20-year-old is also said to be a "fifth generation" descendant of Kang Youwei, who co-initiated China's short-lived Reform Movement of 1898 during the Qing Dynasty. (Quite the ancestry, we think.) 

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Photos via Gronya Sommerville's Facebook page

Somerville learned the sport when she was 12; her skills were then honed under the Australian grassroots athletic system "Sport in Schools." "They asked primary school girls to come try for badminton. They just did fitness testing, and picked some of us and started to train [us]," she told website New China in a recent interview. "And when I just first played it, I just really enjoyed it. And my family all supported me." Eight years later, she is now setting her sights on next year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where she hopes to finish in the Top 10.

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Video via sports247my

Now that we've quenched our thirst for basic Gronya knowledge, we're ready to take our stalking fandom to the next level. With that "quest" in mind, FHM scoured through her Instagram account to give us new fans a glimpse into this badminton goddess' life outside the court. You can thank us later.


For someone who is often clad in sportswear, Gronya seems to have no problem choosing what to wear on a normal day. From mandatory bikinis to killer crop tops, she looks good in almost anything!

The plain-and-patterns combo has never looked this amazing!

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Short(er) shorts + heels = heart attack

Let's get this party started!

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Oh, why do you have to tease us like that?

Aww for antlers! Isn't she the prettiest moose ever?

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Gronya isn't just good with racquets and shuttlecocks. Apparently, the selfie game is also strong with this one.

Her ab selfies are...just wow.

How about a close-up?

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"Baby you can drive my car...."

Glare? Shades? No problem...

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50 Shades Of Gronya Somerville...

Never mind the cuts; you can scratch us all you want, darling.

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*Catches flying smooch*

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