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Happy Birthday, Samboy 'Skywalker' Lim! (And Get Well Soon!)

A special birthday tribute to a Pinoy basketball hero
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 1, 2016
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On November 18, 2014, Samboy Lim was stretching on the sidelines after being subbed out of a PBA Legends exhibition game when all of a sudden he fell unconscious.

The former national team standout, known to many as "The Skywalker," apparently suffered a heart attack.

Over a year since slipping into a coma, waking up two months after, and being cleared to go home, local basketball fans—even those too young to see him play—have included him and his full recovery in their prayers.


In time for Samboy's 54th birthday today, April 1, ex-wife Lelen Berberabe gave an update on his condition in a recent interview with Quinito Henson for The Philippine Star.

"Sam is now able to withstand sitting in a wheelchair for at least eight hours a day," she shared. "Previously, with Sam being used to lie in bed most of the time, the rehab team was training him to sit up for a longer period of time without his blood pressure dropping. He used to last for 30 minutes, then 40 and gradually, he can now stay upright in the wheelchair for the whole day. This is better for his blood circulation and also prevents bedsores."

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From being literally pronounced dead on arrival when he was rushed to the hospital, Samboy is now steadily reclaiming his senses according to Berberabe, much to the delight of family and friends.

"He is also consistently more alert than before, showing signs that he understands us, knows people whom we mention, has memories of events in his life, laughs heartily at funny stories and listens intently to familiar songs," continued Berberabe. "When prodded, he attempts to lip-talk. There was a time in February last year that he could lip-talk a bit but when the involuntary mouth movement appeared, this ability was lost. On good moments, he would try to purse his lips seemingly to form the sound of words."

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While the image of the Skywalker stepping again onto the court still seems a long shot, developments like these are certainly pleasing to the ear, especially for us avid followers of the man.

As part of his birthday celebration, FHM dug up the Internet for throwback mixtapes of Samboy, also for the sake of the few people wondering why there's so much love for him. Good thing YouTube has an abundance of those, even a channel aptly named "Samboy Lim Skywalker." Here are some of the hoops legend's best moments:

Don't mind the quality; there was a time no adjective could perfectly describe Samboy's aerial antics

You know you're good when the opposing coach assigns an import to guard you


He was most likely the inspiration for the colloquial street basketball phrase, "Nagkakape sa ere"

Samboy was basically a fighter jet on the hardcourt: splendid during air shows, and deadly when in combat

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And because he is no stranger to miracles (like this show below), we believe that he is well on his way to better health

Happy Birthday, Skywalker! Hope to see you on the court soon!


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