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28 Impossible Plays From The Birthday Boy, Stephen Curry

What makes these unbelievable heaves more spectacular is how he makes them look 'Steph-ortless'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 14, 2016
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Join us in greeting reigning MVP Stephen Curry, of the reigning NBA champions Golden State Warriors, a Happy, Happy Birthday!

The sweet-shooting guard turns 28 today, yet he has broken enough records to make Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban suggest moving the three-point line back. As Kenny Smith of Inside The NBA says, you know you're talking about a great player when he compels you to consider rule changes in the game.

Day in and day out, the Chef has provided us with electrifying plays and shots beyond the arc and reason. His 6'3", 190-pound frame has been flat-out eating opponents alive with his unguardable style of play.

So, to celebrate his 28th birthday, we rounded up the same number of plays that made us ask ourselves, "Is he even human?"

These sick moves come in the form of...


What makes these unbelievable heaves more spectacular is how he makes them look "Steph-ortless."

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It doesn't matter who's guarding him, really.


Causes even elite defensive stoppers to think twice if they're doing a good job


Props to his teammates for even seeing these bullets coming


On the other hand, we pity opposing teams, whose players could only watch as these balls hit nothing but the bottom of the nets.


Sorry, boys. It's Stephen Curry's world, and we're just living in it.


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