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HOLY CRAP: Pacquiao And Mayweather Just Met Face-To-Face In An NBA Game!
For the first time, Manny and Mayweather are in the same arena, face to face!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 28, 2015
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Given the history of these two, we're shaking with inexplicable excitement as we write this down.

Today at the Miami Heat-Milwaukee Bucks game, it just so happened that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were both watching the game live, at courtside, inside the same arena. This is probably the first time that these two were in one arena at the same time, and the nearest they've ever been to each other.

But it gets better. The two actually approached each other, and had a little chitchat during halftime.

Apparently, this was what went down in that convo:

Here's another shot:

For the full report, check out

While this is by no means a confirmation of their fight, just seeing these two so close gives us some hope. That it's so electrifying to see them together—even without punches being thrown—confirms just how big a fight this really could be.

According to Miami Heat beat reporter Ira Winderman's tweets and a report from Miami newspaper Sun Sentinel, this was how the conversation transpired:

The two were sitting across the court from one another, when Mayweather approached during the break. Dave Hyde of Sun Sentinel reported that Pacquiao was forewarned that Mayweather was going to talk to him a minute before it happened.

Pacquiao said that it was the first time that he actually talked to Mayweather:

Mayweather's purpose, according to Manny, was to clear up the clutter between them:

Additionally, the Sun Sentinel revealed that Mayweather said that "it was time they talked" and that they talked about "them lying about having a contract for us (to fight each other),'' in reference to promoter Bob Arum's reported negotiations.

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This was how, the meeting ended:

When Pacquiao was asked if they were going to negotiate man-to-man without their promoters, his answer was short but intriguing: "Yes, that's right." Additionally, he added that he was glad that he and Mayweather finally got to talk face-to-face after all these years.

For all we know, this supposedly accidental meeting could be just that: an ironic incident. But given how negotiations have become so frustrating, a little serendipity might just be what the fight needs. Mayweather has been a fixture in these Miami games while Pacquiao attended only because he couldn't fly out thanks to the ongoing winter storms in northern America. Who knows? This fateful meeting just might be what finally leads them to their long-winding ring romance.

We certainly hope so.

Heck, even Heat owner Micky Arison wants a piece of the pie:

To which we say, and with which we end this article: Go home, Micky, you're drunk!

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