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How FHM Netizens Reacted To Ronda Rousey's Stunning, Neck-Breaking Defeat

Here are some of your best <em>hirits</em> about the incredible fight between Rowdy and the new champ, Holly Holm!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 16, 2015
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You've all seen the complete and utter dismantling of who everyone thought was practically untouchable in women's MMA:

The stunning knockout proved that no one is invincible in sports, and that every athlete, no matter how dominant, could use a hearty serving of humble pie every now and then.

Ronda Rousey learned exactly that yesterday at UFC 193 when underdog Holly Holm nearly decapitated the UFC star with a thunderous kick to the neck—a strike heard all over the Netosphere. It was an ending nobody expected, which made it all the more amazing, and reminded us once again why we love sports.

Rousey's a tough girl; she'll come back. For now, let's turn our focus to what the people on our Facebook page thought about the exciting battle. Here are some of the best comments from the Vine video we posted on our page: 

The top commenter wanted just one thing: 

But not everyone agreed. 

What most agreed on was that this Holly Holm girl was really good and executed her perfect game plan to a T. 

Others thought that Rousey's arrogant attitude also caused her to lose. 

But even if Ronda lost, many fans still expressed admiration for her—and that they look forward to her comeback.

One also stated that it was still a much, much better fight than those of a particular boxer's because the two women in question showed incredible bravery. 

And where there's Mayweather, there's always...

It wasn't the only comparison to other athletes from other sports though...

Some learned life lessons from the fight...

...some were still in denial...

...and some men just want to watch the world burn.

Come back strong, Ronda! And congratulations to the world's current best female fighter, Holly Holm!

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