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How Talk 'N Text Won the Philippine Cup
The keys to the sweet sweep
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 17, 2013
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In a finals series that saw one team dominating the other, Talk 'N Text brought out the proverbial broom and swept Rain or Shine 4 to nil. Frankly, we were quite surprised of this outcome because the Elastopainters is a darn good bunch. But then again, we're talking about a team that just won its 3rd straight Philippine Cup title and its fifth championship in five years.

So, how did TnT do it? We're not gonna cop out and say "because they're a super team." Instead, we'll go a bit deeper and put on our feeling sports analysts hat on to show you the factors that led to the Tropang Texters sweet sweep of Yeng Guiao and his hair, err, we mean his Rain Or Shine crew. Head to our gallery below!

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