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How to beat Manny Pacquiao

<p>Listing down the ways is one thing, but executing them is another</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 18, 2010
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Another larger foe succumbs to the relentless punching machine that is Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs). Antonio Margarito (38-7-0, 27 KOs) showed tremendous heart by surviving until the final bell but it was clear from the start that the Tijuana Tornado was nowhere near the Pacman’s level.

By now, we’ve all have read loads of articles about Pacquiao’s most recent victory, which gave him the WBC junior middleweight belt. This is the eighth title of his career.

We’ve all read about how his speed was too much for the plodding Margarito to handle, how the Laurence Cole or Robert Garcia should have stopped the fight.

How Pacquiao carried Margarito in the last two rounds because he didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

Well, this article isn’t about any of that.

Here, we will attempt to list down attributes that a fighter should have and strategies a fighter can employ to beat Pacquiao.

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The Pacman’s last loss came at the hands of Erik Morales five years ago, and safe to say, he was a different fighter back then. Now that Pacquiao is a better-rounded fighter whose right is almost as potent as his left, what does a fighter need to have in order to beat him? Here are a few things.

1. A stiff, consistent, quick  jab
The best way to keep away an ultra-busy fighter like Pacquiao is to stick a jab in his face whenever he tries to attack. Looking back at Pacquiao’s past few fights, the only round that he clearly lost was the first round against Miguel Cotto and the Puerto Rican’s most effective weapon was his jab.

Just what kind of jab may cause Pacquiao trouble? Watch the Klitschko brothers fight and look at their jab. If there was welterweight version of those fighters, then they are a step closer to beating Pacquiao.

2. A good lead right
A good punch to use against a southpaw is the lead right. This is one of the basic things taught by good trainers to their fighters if it’s their first time fighting a left-handed opponent. Muhammad Ali had one of the best lead rights in boxing along with Roy Jones Jr. and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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If you noticed, the three fighters mentioned above have one trait in common. Okay. Okay. They have two traits in common. The first is that they talk a whole darn lot and the second is the next item in this list.

3.    Speed. Speed. Speed.
I talked to sportscaster Mico Halili after the fight and I asked him what a fighter should do to beat Pacquiao. “The challenge is to connect punches against Pacquiao and you’ll need a lot of speed to do that. His opponents are like cars travelling on a highway with a 60 KPH limit while Pacquiao is on the German autobahn,” he shared.

A fighter will need speed against Pacquiao because if you punch as slow as Ricky Hatton, you’ll be fast asleep before you’re halfway done throwing your punch.

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