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Learn The Moves For Throwing A Proper Jab-Straight Combo

Learn one of the most devastating combinations of the sweet science
by Arthur de Luzuriaga | May 13, 2018
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Let’s get something straight right off the bat, the last thing we would like to promote here at FHM is violence. Despite our rugged physique, we’re really more lovers than fighters. But truth be told, we also believe that a man should know how to defend himself and those he loves when push comes to shove. While there are a lot of self-defense techniques out there, few can match the simplicity and effectiveness of Boxing’s Jab-Straight combination. One of the oldest tricks in the book and utilized by some of the best pugilists in the world, the 1-2 is still definitely a skill worth learning and mastering, to this day. To help you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, we asked some tips from Coach Randy Almazon of Elorde Kapitolyo.


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Learn To Stand Before You Can Walk

Proper form muna, position ng paa, and balance,” according to Coach Randy are the foundations for throwing a killer combo. A good stance maximizes your mobility and allows you to generate power from the ground every time you punch. It also helps you measure your distance from the opponent so you end up hitting your mark instead of nothing but air. If you are right handed, your left foot should be forward (reversed if you’re a southpaw) with your weight placed comfortably between your feet. You can choose to plant your front leg but stay on the balls of your feet (heel slightly up) with your back leg. Your upper body should be relaxed, shoulders down, and elbows tucked close to your ribs. Your front arm is your main cover with the fist slightly below eye level. Your back arm should be right beside your cheek protecting your chin. Chin down, neck relaxed, and eyes focused forward.    

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Put Things Together One At A Time

Once you are comfortable with your stance, you can begin to move. Start by moving forward and backward, then side to side taking small steps and keeping your weight centered at all times. You can then add the jab, but make sure you don’t overreach. Find the rhythm of the step and jab. “Kapag okay na, puwede mo dagdagan ng straight, pero kapag hindi okay yung balance…wala munang suntok,” reminds Coach Randy. While it is easy to underestimate the 1-2 combination, making it work requires mastery of the small details.       

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Punch With Purpose

Every punch you throw must serve a purpose according to Coach Randy: “Dun mo maa-apply yung jab. Una sinusukat mo siya, yung distansya. Pag naabot mo na ng jab mo, kapag binato mo yung straight, a-abot din. Ang isa pa, maliban sa pagsukat is ma-distract mo siya o makagawa ng opening sa defense niya.” Varying the intensity and purpose of your punches means that your opponent will have a more difficult time reading your moves, which will greatly increase your chances of connecting.


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Hit Your Mark

More than brute strength, accuracy is most important. Hitting your opponent in the right spot will bring maximum results with minimal effort. According to Coach Randy, “sa jaw, hindi sa mata. Kasi malambot to e. Kapag yumuko siya, pasok pa rin sa ilong o sa mata.” 


Now obviously, all the stuff we’ve been discussing are easier said than done. Any fighter worth their salt is going to tell you that reading about it is one thing, actually doing it is another. There are no shortcuts to throwing a decent 1-2. We suggest you learn from a pro, drill the combination, drill it again, and then drill some more. Put in enough time and sweat, and before you know it, you can add a killer jab-cross to your arsenal.     

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