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How Well Do You Know Your University Hymn?

Who mumbled, jumbled lyrics, and put their alma maters to shame?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 5, 2016
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There are a few ways to gauge a person's school spirit.

One is how he or she religiously attends his university's games in the UAAP.

True enough, what makes for the unrivalled environment of a collegiate game—especially in basketball—are fans cheering their lungs out and jeering like there's no tomorrow.


And after each match, no matter whose team wins or loses, comes the ultimate show of unity as students pump their fists while singing their respective college hymns.

Midway through Season 79 of this year's UAAP tournament, FHM pulled several officemates from their busy cubicles to test if they could still remember the words to their school anthems, years after graduation.

Who mumbled, jumbled, and put their alma maters to shame? Find out in this video:

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