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Is Manny Really Fighting Floyd's Leftovers?

<em>Maglaban na lang kasi eh</em>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 20, 2011
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Fresh from his 4th round knockout victory over Victor Ortiz last Sunday, speculations of Floyd Mayweather finally entertaining the possibility of a super fight with Manny once again suffices, to which he replies: “Pacquiao fights my leftovers.”

"As long as he can keep fighting Floyd Mayweather's leftovers, or a fighter that has already been beaten, then the media has to really pay attention to this,” he adds. While it sure comes out as a painfully jackass statement from Floyd, a closer look at Pacquiao’s most recent fights would suggest it to be proper, if not true.

One could say that Antonio Margarito and Joshua Clottey, both of whom Pacquiao defeated in 2010, is a clear argument beater. But Manny didn’t need to fight Mosley, and the Dela Hoya and Hatton he faced a few years back arguably weren’t the same after going through Mayweather.

So if we could get past Pretty Boy’s blabbering, here’s a chart that explains exactly what he’s talking about.


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