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Jeff Gonzales

<p>The Pinoy skater on the moolas and the hooplas of skateboarding</p>
| Dec 31, 2009
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The future is bright for extreme sports in the Philippines. Team DVS— composed of the world’s most celebrated skaters, including Filipino-American Daniel Castillo, recently made a quick detour as part of their ‘Grip It and Phlip It’ exhibition tour. Surprisingly, when the pros came calling, one guy responded to the challenge: 21-year-old Pinoy skating sensation Jeff Gonzales. [firstpara]

Jeff and Daniel will square off in an exhibition match to promote skateboarding locally. While we here at FHM always root for the underdog, we can’t help but feel that we are overestimating ourselves by having the guts to underestimate Jeff Gonzales. The kid, who has gained such strong following around the world at such a young age, is really good.

We caught up with Jeff during a skateboarding session with Daniel and the others at a hidden construction site in The Fort. After a glimpse of everyone’s skateboarding hooplas, we immediately knew a momentous showdown between two Pinoys is in the making.

How did you meet these guys? You seem to be pretty tight with the DVS skate team.
Actually Freddy Gonzales [Aloha Boardsports owner], I ride for him and he sponsors me. He brought these guys over here to skate. You know, connection with Freddie, connection with DVS, we just got together.

What do you guys do on a typical day?
I guess on a normal day we would skate and just have fun. But I get kind of intimidated by these guys because they’re pros and well known around the world. Sometimes you get nervous. When you fall, you get embarrassed because they’re all so good. But I guess at the end of the day it’s all about having fun. Just be yourself.

Do you guys get paid doing this stuff?
They do, but I don’t skate for money. I just skate for fun. But if you skate for fun, just keep skating and when you get good you’re gonna get paid.

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