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Jessica Mendoza is's New Columnist!

Dreams do come true...
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 9, 2012
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We're not gonna lie to you: we want Jessica Mendoza to be our girlfriend, and we're pretty sure you share the same sentiment.

And if any of you has the balls to ask "Why?", know that aside from her very good looks we like Jessica because of: her excellent work as a basketball courtside reporter and radio DJ (she shares hosting duties with fellow hottie and good friend Andi Manzano); her sports vocabulary, which is  fit for a pub-hanging, beer-chugging Knicks fan; and her charming demanor and kowboy approach to life, all in all creating the perfect girl-next-door.

Seriously, we'd proudly read a Candy mag every month if Jessica has a regular column in it. Wait, does she?

It gives us great pleasure then to finally spill this bit of fantastic news we've been secretly celebrating about for a few weeks now: Jessica Mendoza has signed up as's new columnist! She'll be gracing us every other week via her own column called Gimme the Ball.

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Now, here's the part where we give each other a moment of silence. Take it in. Let it simmer. Take as much time as you need. Oh, and while you're at it, take a good, hard look at the pretty face supplementing this website from here on out.

So why is a wholesome snowball of cuteness aligning herself with the sexiest magazine/website in the land? "You're making an old dream of mine come true—I've always wanted to have a column," reveals Jessica. "Plus, you can help me get better at my job [as a courtside reporter]." Sounds like a sweet bargain of a deal. We know for a fact that Jessica's got quite a sense of humor—the self-depracating, super charming, I-ain't-afraid-to-make-fun-of-myself kind—and we can't wait for y'all to see her introductory blog post, which will come out this Saturday, November 10!

So here's the deal: you check back in with us again this weekend, and we'll give you your first dose of the sporty cotton candy that is Jessica Mendoza. For the meantime, press play below to see the teaser trailer for Gimme the Ball (Ed's note: we had the most awesome time shooting Jessica in this segment. Man, the urban legend is true.) Once more, with feeling: Nakakalurkey!

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