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Joakim Vs. DeAndre: Whose Airball Free Throw Was Worse?

Double yikes
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 25, 2017
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Whether its a shooting clinic by the Golden State Warriors or the Russell Westbrook triple-double bonanza, games this 2016-17 NBA season have proven to be must-see TV with quality team and individual performances.

Once in a blue moon, though, a basketball anomaly shows itself amid all the greatness, such as James Harden's 11 turnovers against the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Dallas Mavericks' 49-point blowout of the Los Angeles Lakers.

That was the case recently, when fans were left bewildered by two players failing miserably at the free throw line. These big men had their moments at the charity stripe, though not the type one could be proud of. Which begs the question, who did the air ball better?

Joakim Noah

To begin with, the Knicks center already has one of the ugliest shooting forms in NBA history. Scratch that: Noah has one of the ugliest shooting forms in basketball history. What we didn't know is that it was this bad, even at the foul line:

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That release was waaaaay off. The disgusted look on his face says it all.


DeAndre Jordan

A 43% career free throw shooter, at least Jordan's stroke is more tolerable than Noah. But the Clippers center learns the hard way that there is more to shooting than a pretty form. Also, plus points for consistency:

At least he doesn't have any problem laughing at himself. The same cannot be said about Doc, though.

You'd have to wonder how Noah and Jordan were able to secure hefty four-year deals—$72,590,000 and $87,616,050, respectively—and not find the time to work on their foul shots. Why not just swallow your pride and do it like this dude?


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