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Revisiting JR Smith's Craziest NBA Moments On His 33rd Birthday

Apparently, 2018 NBA Finals Game 1 wasn't the first time he zoned out in the clutch
by Miggy Dumlao | Sep 10, 2018
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JR Smith is many things. A streaky scorer that can go off at any time, a pesky defender when engaged, and overall, a great guy to have as a teammate when his head is in the game. On the flip side, Smith is also extremely prone to zoning out throughout his basketball career—he is responsible for some of the funniest (and dumbest) moments on and off the court.

Since he was a rookie, the 2013 Sixth Man of the Year has provided us with the most unforgettable head-scratching plays. Smith is the uncrowned king of the NBA memes, and on his 33rd birthday, FHM lists his best (some would argue worst) highlights—from the plain silly to the downright stupid.

Optional shootaround

In his first year, Smith essentially asked then 10 year-veteran David Wesley if players could skip the pregame session. Maybe that would have been a possibility in your high school, man, but you were already a pro then. SMH.

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Social media mishaps

JR has given us so many online blunders. Those that stand out, though, were his infamous tweet about Tahiry's bum; that time he asked a fan if she was "trying to get the pipe"; and him claiming "Cavs in 7" after a Game 3 loss during the 2017 Finals.

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Forgetting the score

With the score tied at 100 apiece, Smith ended up with the ball in hand and with the shot clock turned off. The smart thing to do was set the offense for the final shot. JR being JR, did otherwise and chucked a three-point shot. His reason? He thought they were down by two.

Forgetting to play D

Jason Terry got back at Smith, who hit him with a blatant elbow when they were still with the Boston Celtics and the Knicks, respectively. As a Milwaukee Buck, Terry dapped up Smith while the Cleveland Cavaliers were on defense, which resulted in a wide-open dunk.

Untying shoes

There are a lot of better things to do while waiting for a player to shoot a free throw. Discuss the gameplan with the coach, or, hell, even talk trash to the shooter. JR found it amusing to untie his opponents' shoes—the NBA did not, and slapped him with a $50,000 fine.

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Throwing a bowl of soup

The Cavaliers suspended Smith last season for "detrimental conduct," which stemmed fron the craziest incident: he threw a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones. Think about that for a minute. He threw a freakin' bowl of soup at his assistant coach.

Ruining an epic performance from The King

With the Golden State Warriors being heavy favorites to repeat as champions back in June, LeBron James and "the others"—also known as the Cavs—were clear underdogs. The King put his squad on his back (51 pts 8 reb 8 ast) and gave them a chance to steal Game 1 in the endgame. We all know what happened next...


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