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WATCH: This Is How Much We Miss The NBA

Just another day at the office, longing for basketball
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 29, 2016
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The Cleveland Cavaliers just won its first championship, a couple of superstars have already switched teams, and draft night results are out, and yet, we still can't get over that epic Finals series.

Aside from history being made (and prevented, in the case of the Golden State Warriors), the stupendous seven-game saga was rendered more colorful by all the personalities involved, including those outside the game (read: Ayesha Curry).

Players, meanwhile, have upped the entertainment factor with in-game highlights other than thunderous dunks and booming triples: shot celebrations. Whether its Stephen Curry's shimmy or Lebron James' "The Silencer," the post-shot revelry somewhat amplifies our favorite athlete's drawing power, especially if the gesture usually culminates in a W. (Sorry, Chef.)

Going back to our severe playoff hangover, it just got worse recalling everything we've written above. Take a look:


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