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Katy Perry's Trippy Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Performance...In GIFS!
A giant feline, dancing sharks, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot's return: Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show performance is the trippiest ever!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 2, 2015
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Katy Perry definitely left her mark on Super Bowl XLIX. The pop superstar owned the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show as she transformed the University of Phoenix Stadium into a real trippy stage, thanks to her over-the-top props and crazy-looking extras.

She started the show with her girl power anthem "Roar."It was normal at first, and then the golden orbs started parting as if Moses entered the building.

Oh, it's just Katy making her way...on top a golden lion (or tiger)! Why is it wrapped in a golden foil? Can it even breathe? Does it need eye drops? Is PeTA watching this?

Holy sh*t. It moooves!


Or maybe not. This dude's slow.

Katy, realizing that it'll take them hours before they get to the other end, tells her golden-foiled cat to get moving. Giddy up, boy!

Apparently, this is full speed.

Or maybe because it's just too fat?

If it isn't quite obvious yet, it looks like Katy has declared her loyalty to the Fire Nation.


Okay, lion, first part's almost over, it's time to show them your tricks! High paws!

Katy's second song was "Dark Horse." Now that explains why she chose these futuristic-looking dancing tikbalangs as her backup dancers.

Queen Katy was then escorted by a group of walking broken glass.

Then she showed us her "power stomp"!

Is she the newest member of the X-Men? Or has the Phoenix chosen her as its next vessel?

We're just kidding, Katy! Please don't crush our balls!

And then, this cool guy shows up!

He started singing "I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It." Well, isn't that supposed to be normal, sir?

Seeing Lenny Kravitz also made Katy confused about her genre...

...and she even pulled a Miley!

Here's a glam-rock classic: The Back-To-Back. #LakasMaka80s

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Unable to contain her emotions, Katy dropped to her knees. Maghunos dili ka!

Good thing she pulled herself back and managed to finish their set, ending it with another classic rock pose.

After the fiery sets, walking land sharks suddenly appear.

Together with the saddest-looking beach balls ever.

Katy finally discards her flame dress.

We're really digging this costume more. *Grins*

Uhm, Katy, aren't you supposed to be running as fast as you can if you have two sharks jawing on your back?

We don't know if it's the brownies kicking in, but something is just very wrong in this picture.

Ahh. Now, we're finally seeing normal people around Katy. Everything's okay, guys. #HitHitPaMore

Well, maybe except for their dancing. Someone's going to get fired.

And because this is the Super Bowl... Prrrt! Work on them hamstrings!

Katy and her crew got tired from all that drills in heels, which brings us to the return of Missy "Get Your Freak On" Elliot!


First there was the "Dougie," then the "Shamoney," now we give you The "Chic Walk."

For her final piece, Katy chose her hit "Firework." Alright everybody, "Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag..."

Katy's so into her performance that she didn't notice that she's being taken away by a star.

Wait, is it just us, or does that star looks just like the It's Showtime logo?

Back to Katy. It's almost the chorus, guys. Sabay-sabay: "'Cause baby, you're a fiiirewooork..."

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Now, grab some chips and an ice-cold drink, and watch Katy's full Super Bowl Halftime Show performance below:

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