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8 Players Who Can Come Close To Kobe's 81

We're not saying they're going to eclipse it
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 23, 2017
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It's been 11 years since basketball legend Kobe Bryant made history by setting the second-highest scoring total in an NBA game at 81, behind Wilt Chamberlain's indefatigable century mark.

What makes Kobe's more impressive is the fact that it was witnessed by the current generation, forever ingrained upon hoops aficionados' collective memory.

We aren't quite sure yet if someone can actually break the Black Mamba's record, but with how the game has evolved, particularly its ridiculous pace, inching closer to his remarkable output is fairly possible.

And if Kobe's scoring milestone is to be eclipsed, blame one of these superstars:

Isaiah Thomas

Career-high: 52

The game story goes: the 5'9" guard scores 41 in the first three quarters of a highly fought game. IT enters 'the zone' and doubles his output in the fourth, capped by a buzzer-beating, four-point game-winner.

Kevin Durant

Career-high: 54

Like his fellow Splash Brothers, this kind of scoring explosion within the team is very much unlikely considering the shared offensive load. Although you never know, this is KD we're talking about. Following last summer's decision, he's easily the king of surprises.

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Russell Westbrook

Career-high: 54

He might need to chuck 81 shots to do this. (Kidding!) If ever Russ threatens that mark, expect an empty stat line from the triple-double machine as he would run out of gas taking every shot imaginable and trying to destroy the rims.

James Harden

Career-high: 51

The Beard will need to break his former teammate Dwight Howard's record for most free throw attempts in a game (39) and convert every one of them. His league-leading assist average may also have to suffer.


Stephen Curry

Career-high: 54

It's just one of those days. Chef eclipses another one of his own records, particularly the most three-point field goals made in a game, and dials in 15 from Curry distance. Kevin and Klay must've been given the night off.

Klay Thompson

Career-high: 60

Of all the entries, the least decorated Splash Brother actually has the highest possibility of recreating Kobe's big night. There's 'video game mode,' then there's 'Klay Thompson video game mode.'

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Carmelo Anthony

Career-high: 62

Imagine if the talk about Melo being traded shockingly materialized, then he proceeds to drop 80+ points in his first game with his new team. That would be the perfect "Ako nga pala yung sinayang mo" moment for the New York Knicks.

LeBron James

Career-high: 61

Seriously, the only thing stopping him from doing this is his unselfish self.


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