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These Crazy Italians Quit Their Jobs, Flew To America, And Spent $30K To Follow Kobe's Farewell Tour

They're taking fanboying to a whole new level
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 24, 2016
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Last December, two Kobe Bryant fans made hoops headlines for leaving their jobs in Milan, Italy to follow their idol through his farewell tour.

According to reports, aside from quitting work, they also claim to have spent roughly $30,000 (around P1.4 million) to watch the Black Mamba's games in his final season. They were again spotted during the recent game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls:

The two men, as shown in the video, seem really happy about what they're doing (even if the Lakers lost 115-126), basking in the limelight of Kobe's NBA swan song and their newfound Internet fame.

Their decision is certainly mind-boggling, but we can't help but admire them for having the balls to ditch employment for the sake of personally seeing a sports idol in action one last time.

For us stuck half a world away, their actions prodded us to ask: What is it like to follow Kobe through his farewell tour?

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Luckily, one of the guys, Shazain Khan (the one with the glasses), is pretty active in social media (his partner seems to be not that visible in Facebook and the like). This means that, through his posts, tweets, and Insta-photos, we can have a little bit of an idea.

You must have the footwear to match if you're going to take on this endeavor. The one on the left is the Kobe X Mambacurial; the other one's the Kobe IV "4 Rings."

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For Kobe's most iconic pairs, click here.

Going through such a journey makes you ask the important questions (FYI, Chip Kelly is the head coach of the San Franciso 49ers in the NFL).

One of the perks of a having a courtside seat. You have to spend big bucks for a spot like this though (courtside seats for a Lakers game can cost as much as $360 or around P17,100 per seat). 

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Be prepared to meet a few basketball personalities along the way, like Mr. Stephen "Former Porzingis Hater" Smith.

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Lodging is always a potential issue...

...though you'll also meet a few people who'll want to help you along the way.

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And when the Lakers aren't playing, a little sightseeing is in order.

But of course, immersing yourself in the local culture entails a bit of spending (like for San Francisco's cable car, which costs $7 or around P330 for a single ride).

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It also pays to be early to the games. More time for memorable photo-ops!

A reliable mobile Internet connection is a must-have for sharing the highlights of your trip.

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As expected, some people took photos of the two crazy Italians.

The best part? Getting noticed by the legend himself! #NoticeMeSenpai

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Images via Shazain Khan's Twitter and Instagram accounts

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