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La Salle vs. FEU: FHM's Not So Ordinary Final Four Primer

Here, the stakes are higher
by Paolo S. Mariano | Sep 24, 2013
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The Final Four of UAAP Season 76 is well underway with fourth place UST drawing first blood among the remaining squads with a win over top-ranked NU. The pairing of La Salle and FEU, meanwhile, will kick off Wednesday, September 25, at the Big Dome with the Green Archers holding a twice-to-beat incentive.

Undeniably, the stakes are higher in the F4. It’s that time when you separate the men from the boys, the time when you throw away the stats, the time when the team with the biggest heart wins, and the time when we abuse basketball clichés. But we’re 110% sure you guys get our drift.  
In a (kind of) unrelated note, the 2013 Emmy Awards took place a few days ago. Being the couch potatoes that we are, we watched that show from opening monologue to credits, praying to the TV gods that our favorite programs would win. What in Terrence Romeo’s spiky hair does this have to do with the UAAP Final Four? Well, we didn’t want to bore you with another run-of-the-mill “preview” story, so we got creative…

Below is our Emmy-inspired primer for the premiere of La Salle-FEU: Final Four. It may only last an episode or extend to a full two, but we promise you this one’s worth the watch. Scroll down for your program guide!



Like Walter White, Terrence Romeo started out his UAAP career with heaps of potential. Eventually, he realized he could do so much more with his natural talent. So, this year, he found his inner Heisenberg. He lifted FEU to a million-dollar start in their first few games. He also had the help of his sidekick, RR Garcia, who obviously is Jesse Pinkman. RR is likable, a team player, and willing to take a backseat but can take charge if needed, bitch!

Things, however, started to go south when the Ws piled up. Like Mr. White, there were times when Romeo only thought of individual recognition. He wants to be solely in charge, mindless of the fact that he could be running over his teammates. While some view it as selfishness, at the very core of it, Mr. MVP only wants FEU to win, much like W.W. to his family. Fortunately, there’s coach Nash Racela, who’s always ready to put some sense into his pair of stars, like Saul Goodman.

Like Breaking Bad, which won the Emmy for Best Drama Series, the Tamaraws are a highly compelling story. No one knows if Romeo will show up as Heisenberg or Walter White. No one knows if Garcia will finally have enough and decide to take matters into his own hands. It’s hoops entertainment at its finest. Breaking Bad will air its final episode next Monday. Will FEU also see the end to its topsy-turvy season soon?

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