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The Lakers' Marcelo Huertas Steals Ball With Craftiest Move EVER

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by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 31, 2016
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Brazilian import Marcelo Huertas of the Los Angeles Lakers went viral today by pulling off the old "hide-behind-the-opposing-coach-then-dash-like-a-madman-toward-unsuspecting-ball-handler" gambit. What? You don't know what that move is? All the more reason for you to watch the video below, tiger:


Huertas, a 33-year-old "rookie," was signed in September 2015 to provide some veteran ballhandling for the young ballclub. And apparently, like some other South American players (S.O. to Manu Ginobili) he's also provided them with some wicked on-court craftiness.

Looks like Kobe Bryant picked the right time to retire, there's a new "showman" in La-La land.


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