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Lakers Shunning D'Angelo Russell After Leaked 'Cheating' Video

The rookie is now officially the 'most hated' player on the roster
by Andrei Medina | Mar 31, 2016
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Los Angeles Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell is starting to learn an important lesson in "Minding your own business" after his team began ostracizing him for exposing one of their teammates' infidelity to his girlfriend.

The 20-year-old had allegedly secretly videotaped teammate Nick Young as he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea, during a casual conversation.

Normally, Young would be on the wrong side of the fence here since cheating will always be unacceptable no matter what. But this time, the Lakers have reportedly acted as a "family" protecting one of its own. As most sports teams would do, they have instead turned the tables against Russell for poking his nose into Swaggy P's private life.

Another unspoken team rule that the kid violated was breaching the group's privacy after the video he took was uploaded online for some reason.

Since then, he has been dubbed as the "most hated Lakers player," while some of his teammates have reportedly been giving him the cold shoulder, avoiding him during meals and in the locker room.


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However, the Lakers' fallout seems to have an immediate adverse effect on the team's performance; they suffered the worst loss in team history, a 48-point drubbing against the Utah Jazz, 75-123.

It obviously doesn't benefit the team that Russell, who is touted as the future of the Lakers, is being isolated by his teammates, especially when NBA superstar and Lakers alpha dog Kobe Bryant is scheduled to retire after this season.

As of this writing, Russell has reportedly apologized to Young which the latter accepted. Swaggy P, on the other hand, is purportedly trying to salvage his relationship with Azalea.


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