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LeBron Records A Jay-Z Song And 10 Other Athletes Who Tried To Be Hip-Hop Superstars!

Can LBJ become a hip-hop superstar as well?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Apr 3, 2014
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Ballers want to become rappers, and rappers want to become ballers. That's how it usually works.

Said observation applies to LeBron James, who recently released a version of the Jay-Z song "F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.”


LBJ and Jay-Z are pretty tight, so we're sure Hova gave "The King" his blessing on this one. But we can't say the same for the other athletes who gave rapping a try. Go ahead and listen to the likes of Kobe, Shaq, and Serena, and let us know if they should have indeed pursue a career in hip-hop!

1. Kobe Bryant


Sample verse: "Uh, what I live for / Basketball, beats and broads / From Italy to the U.S./ Yes, it’s raw”

The Black Mamba will do everything in his power to get anything he wants, which explains why this song was made. But, at the end of the day, you really can't have it all.

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