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LeBron James Straight-Up Disses The QUBE Basketball Trainer

He doesn't believe in cube-shaped basketballs
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 14, 2018
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They say bad publicity is still publicity, but what if the best player in the world straight-up throws shade at your basketball training tool?

LeBron James recently got wind of the QUBE Basketball Trainer, and he didn't mince words in dismissing this new product—which reportedly retails for around $39—that supposedly helps young ballers improve their shooting skills. His friend, basketball skills trainer Cuffs the Legend, was actually the first one to spurn the product, calling it "bullshit," and the King seconded his thoughts.

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That doesn't sound good, especially when you realize that the three-time NBA champion and four-time Most Valuable Player has 41.5 million followers on Twitter (as compared to QUBE's 784), a huge chunk of which are still learning how to play the game.

The company's shoddily made hype video doesn't help their case:

QUBE inventor and CEO Charlie Wallace has since responded to LeBron via Yahoo Sports, claiming that the cube-shaped basketball can help restore the sport's "purity," by "standardizing" the shooting mechanics of players.

"LeBron's skill set is one of a kind. Obviously, most players aren't so lucky. In fact, we find that many players are self-taught when it comes to shooting. They see a player they like and try to copy his/her shot. In their mind's eye it looks great, but in reality, it needs some work," he explained.

"That's why the QUBE is such a valuable tool. It provides all players, coaches (even parents of players) a simple, understandable, and affordable solution to making the great game of basketball more fun."

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Wallace will also be donating four units to LeBron's I Promise School so that the latter can "witness its benefits." We still aren't convinced about his concept of "innovation," but props to him for giving the perfect rebuttal.


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