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Have You Seen LeBron's Dunk Contest-Worthy Jams?

New clips have surfaced showing exactly why we want LeBron James in the dunk contest! Make it happen, NBA!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 11, 2014
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One of the greatest FAILs in the modern NBA era is the fact that LeBron James, Miami Heat alpha dog and all-around monster dunker, has yet to participate in the Slam Dunk contest.

Michael Jordan did it. Kobe Bryant did it. Looks like LeBron won't ever do it.

Almost every year though he makes it appear like he's going to do it, teasing us slam fans before eventually saying something along the lines of "Naw, naw, naw, I ain't joining some flashy yet ultimately trivial affair."

This year, that tease comes in the form of this after-practice clip before a game in Phoenix. Simply put, his off-the-wall, off-the-ground 'oops are something straight out of a videogame.

See for yourself:


And then, see the angle from Dwyane Wade's cameraphone as posted on his Instagram account. Click on the picture to watch the vid:

Our reaction if these had been actual dunks in the dunk contest:

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Unfortunately, we're not betting that LeBron James, now a two-time NBA champ, will ever suit up for the darned dunk contest. We'll just have to be content with these rare, "secret" footages that will never ever be included in YouTube clips titled "Best Dunk Contest Dunks EVAR"

As do will these five underrated dunks in the contest below. Some dunks like Jordan's free-throw line dunk and anything that Carter and Dominique Wilkins ever did are iconic. Some dunks though, while still impressive such as the five below, will simply live on in Internet lists like this one.

1) Scottie Pippen had his own version of the "Free Throw Line Dunk"


In the 1990 NBA Season, Scottie Pippen began to find his footing in the league, and soon found himself in the dunk contest like his dunk-contest-winning Chicago Bull teammate.

Naturally, Pippen performed a dunk that that teammate once won the contest with. It was the only dunk he completed however as he failed to finish his second dunk thus missing the succeeding rounds.

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2) Steve Francis may be our real favorite small-man dunker 

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